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June 2019



Your Choices, Your Power.

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A Message for Us All
There is much distress on your world and in ours, regarding the state of your planet. We say your planet because each person has an obligation, a part to play in the survival of not only your own species but also of the other living creatures. We understand your frustration and distress though each of you has so much more power than you give yourselves credit for. We of the feathers spoke long ago regarding mans neglect of the planet, of the seas, the land and the trees. These are the times you now see yourselves in. You have reached a tipping point and it is pointless to say it is no use, what can I do? Such apathy will not change things. The actions of each individual must change, your money in your pocket, your choices when you purchase, your waste, your energy, your thoughts, your speech, all carry power over which you can exercise control.

Each of you has a choice, a chance to change your tomorrow. Plant the seeds of your tomorrows wisely my friends. We do not mean to be harsh but would sound words of warning. Turn your fear and anger into action. Speak your truth with regards to the injustice you see in your communities. Do not be frightened to speak out regarding harms or injustice to others, to the planet and yourselves. Each time you speak your truth, you help turn the tide a little more and we include your thoughts and speech. Speak the truth but remember to be kind to yourself and others.

The world, planet and energy is shifting so must every man and woman if your race is to endure. Remember the power of right and positive intention but also remember the power of your actions and choices. As always we stand close to you with a healing thought, a word of encouragement and a hand to support , to help the changes needed. Your friends in the heavens are inspiring those among you with new technologies and designs needed at this time. Be open to change for only the light can prevail.

With our love and blessings, The Chiefs.

Chief Joseph of the Nez Pez

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