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February 2018



Wisdom from Spirit

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On the subject of boundaries…

A boundary is something which keeps us safe. An energetic boundary is similar. It contains reasons why things are appropriate, for example with the darker energy of fear or control, we do not inflect this on others. This is largely about safety, dignity and respect. Respect for ourselves and others, treating each other and ourselves with dignity. This means respecting another person wishes, beliefs and thoughts, even when we deem them wrong or unacceptable. Overstepping these boundaries may cause a backlash or harm to ourselves and others. This is why we respect others beliefs and wishes, yes they are true for them and they have to be allowed to walk their pathway.

Better to focus on like minded souls that are open to the wisdom and teaching of spirit. Allow others to find their own truth, yes your truth is correct for you; your practices and beliefs work for you but each must find their own pathway and beliefs, for it is their journey.

Dont waste your time and energy trying to change the wind.  If someone reacts badly, and yes, you have a right to be treated with dignity and respect, walk away, do not stay to argue with the darkness.  No matter how hard you argue or persuade, you will not change their minds until they are ready to hear, the willingness is simply not there.  Better to walk through an open door than keep knocking on a closed one.

Spirit are grateful for your passion but please dont waste your energy.  Do not fight fire with fire, walk away, better to starve the fire of oxygen by removing your voice than to fan the flames.

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