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October 2015



What Are Angels?

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In my meditation I asked, what are Angels and received this beautiful reply. http://www.dreamstime.com/-image9012311

We are beings of light from the ascended realms not of the earth , come to assist and teach mankind, indeed woman kind to love and to live in harmony. Our energy is everywhere and we encourage light-workers such as yourself to pause and take time our for themselves at this time of year, rest dear ones. Rest in the perfect grace of God and the divine energy for there is much work planned as you are all aware.

We would say that each of you focusing on the light in meditation is playing an important role in the evolution of humankind. Do not worry dear ones, for we are at your side and await your calling and allowance of your contact with us. We are not of the earth but understand the challenges you face everyday in your dealing with others and the pressures placed upon you by society today.

We have watched with love and compassion the recent events on your beautiful planet and extend Gods grace to each and every living entity whether animal, vegetable or mineral at this blessed and joyful time on earth. Peace on earth, goodwill to all men, women and child.  Remember the greatest Gift you can give is the gift of your love, attention and tenderness.  Do not worry about quantity except focus on the quality of time with your loved ones.

Listen to the small voice which suggests the loving actions towards yourself and others.  With loving blessings from the Angelic and Spiritual Realms.
Please allow yourself to relax in the quiet, away from the thoughts of your plans and and allow yourself to receive in this very special moment and the gift of Gods Grace and love in this moment, now.

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