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November 2013



The Power of Perception, Acceptance and Gratitude.

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Personal Power
There is much talk of spiritual power and many of us struggle to come to terms with this “almighty power” which sits both within each of us and also all around us. This divine power is of course incredibly important and nurturing.

Equally important and magnificent is the power that each and every one of us has in not allowing our negative thought patterns to create a negative reality for our day.
Each of us can choose in any given moment to turn these thoughts of fear and self doubt around. We can choose to no longer become a victim in life but to see that there is hope of change. There are friends and people who care. Sometimes the mind does not want us to believe that there is good in the world but wants us to delve into the dark spiral of negativity.eagle
There is always something positive to be found if we look for it. A simple moment of gratitude for the basics in life such as the roof over our heads, the food in our stomachs are a good place to begin. We can step out and find a way to nurture ourselves and smile.

Acceptance of what is. Sometimes a situation such as another person, place or thing, something we cannot control  causes us discomfort or frustration. Our only real choice if we are to achieve any kind of mental peace, is acceptance of that person, place thing or situation as being exactly as it is supposed to be at this given moment. It is truly amazing that once acceptance comes, so to does the shift in our perception of ourselves.  The only change we can ever really make is in our own perceptions or how we choose to see or react to any given situation.

This acceptance and compassion for ourselves and others is vital if we are ever to walk freely in life and achieve any kind of peace in our hearts and minds.

With loving blessings for your day.

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