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July 2013



The Light Within…

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Greetings Children of Earth.

We would bring to you glad tidings of love and light and bring forth a very simple message of carrying your love in your heart with you in your daily lives. That is to say the true love in your heart and not the thoughts in the mind which seek to control situations or people.

We would say let go my friends, let go of the people around you and the outcomes, for to walk in love is to walk in surrender of outcomes and other people.

Some of you who read this will understand this concept.

When you can allow the kindness, love and compassion in your heart to flow openly, you will become aware of a great joy which will illuminate your very being, easing your body and your mind of tenseness.

A simple smile, kindness or giving your time or energy with love, can banish the darkness of fear and doubt.

Be magnificent my friends, let your light shine out of you and spread like ripples through time and space.

We will leave you now to perhaps meditate on this simple concept.

With loving kindness and divine blessings for your day.

May the light in your heart guide you to whatever you most need today.

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