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December 2017



The Christmas Robin

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One of the benefits of being self employed is being able to go for a walk during the 
daytime. This morning, on the pathway up the hill next to the small woodland, my eyes caught some movement. As I looked, a small cheeky red breasted Robin sat on a branch,
almost looking at me. I stopped and acknowledged him and as I continued on, he flew just a few feet further and stopped again. I again acknowledged him and he did the same thing, flying a few feet on, stopping and looking at me, as if to say I’m here with you on the pathway”.  This continued for a few minutes and must have happened half a dozen times.

I paused and remembered that people say that Robins can be sign of a deceased loved one or spirit saying hello.  I asked, so who is with me, immediately my Grandfather on my Mothers side of the family came to mind. He was a keen gardener and a Robin used to come and sit on his shovel in the
garden when he was digging the earth, waiting for the worms.  I never knew him but know that
he is with me and has been at some challenging times in my life. The reassuring words, “You are not
alone, keep going” came to me. This is very significant as like many at this time of year,
I feel the pace of life quicken and struggle with the expecations of the season and all
that it brings.

These signs and moments are there for each of us, not just those of us who choose to do
this work or have spiritual labels. The key is to slow down enough to see them, to
acknowledge them in the hussle and bussle of life. So maybe next time you get a chance to
go for a walk or see a Robin, just acknowledge them and see what happens.
With much love and light for the Festive Season, Dawnx

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