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Client Testimonials

Here are just a few testimonials from previous happy clients.

” Thank you for my reading, I can’t believe how spot on you were.” Clairvoyant Mediumship Reading, November 2018

“My friend and I went to see Dawn for Reiki Healing.  The experience was amazing for both of us. We have had healing (independently with other healers). However we both agreed this was by far the best healing received.  We were seen one at a time, but compared notes after.  Dawn seemed to tune in, and knew on a deep level, what was needed.  The experience was amazing with very intuitive insights, which then allowed Dawn to heal us on a level we were not aware of. I personally experienced great energy shifts, and felt like a burden had been taken from me. My friend was able to clear feelings she had been holding on to, that no longer served her well.  Dawn shared further guidance  with each of us, which helped us continue to gain benefits from the initial healing session.  It was a very calming experience and was “just what the Doc ordered” as they say.  I also experienced a great nights sleep too, which is not something I have very often.  Whether you visit Dawn for general well being, or for specific healing needs, you will not be disappointed.  For me it was also a whole hour of luxury “me time”, which is priceless.”  Reiki session September 2018.

“Just wanted to say thank you so much for my reading. I feel so much more positive, I still have a long way to go but I’m determined to get there…. I just wanted you to know that you have an amazing gift and you have really helped me.”  Clairvoyant Mediumship Reading,  June 2018

“Wow, this is so spot on, thank you.  I just had the best psychic medium reading, highly recommend and it was all done by email so I didn’t have to leave my home!” Email reading October 2017

“It was so lovely to meet you yesterday and receive the comfort of knowing that those I love so dearly are okay.  It was a truly amazing session and I am so looking forward to receiving the recording.  Over the intervening hours between our meeting and now, thinking about all you said, so much more of it is now making sense…” Clairvoyant Mediumship Reading, May 2016

“Dawn – I can’t thank you enough. Listening to your reading again made everything much clearer.  So much was spot on…”Clairvoyant Mediumship Reading  May 2016

“I just want to thank you for such a loving compassionate moment with you this morning. It was really soothing and very needed at the moment as I have been through a very hard time. You are a real sweet gem” , International Skype session March 2016.

“Thank you so much for today! You are amazing and so good and helpful!” March 2016 Skype session.

“Thank you so much for last night. It was wonderful for me to know that … is happy and still has the ability to make me smile…To hear from my spirit guides directly was amazing and I know that my journey is just beginning. Im excited about my future and positive about what I can achieve. Thank you and God Bless. Clairvoyant Mediumship Reading February 2016”

“Dawn, that was AMAAAAZING! So much more relevance and stuff that made sense…  She loved it, I LOVED it. you are fab, thank you!” Skype session January 2016″

“Just to say thank you so much for Wednesday. I have heard back from the girls, they all enjoyed the evening very much. They have plenty to think about now and I know a couple of them were really touched by what you brought to them. I would like to thank you for the guidance that you gave me, it meant a great deal.  Psychic Touch Party evening December 2015.”

You have given me so much to think about and made me feel positive and motivated. Thank you” Clairvoyant Mediumship Reading October 2015

“I would like to thank you for Friday. I have been in a dark place since my dad passed and have not been able to shake myself out of it which is unusual for me as I am a strong person. Since my reading the dark cloud has lifted and I feel like my old self and ready to move forward. I have had many comments from friends and family saying that they have noticed a change in me and it’s good to see me laughing and smiling again. Once again thank you very much ” Clairvoyant Mediumship Reading Sept 2015

“Just wanted to say thanks so much for yesterday. House feels so much light now! …. really appreciated a message from his Dad, it made his year!” House Blessing, Sept 2015

“Thank you for my healing and all on Friday, it was just what I needed. I appreciated your kindness and honesty, as well as your consideration re the tape itself”.  Clairvoyant Mediumship Reading Sept 2015

“I booked a reading with Dawn this week and it was a fabulous experience all round!! Dawn’s reading was extremely accurate and tapped into some ongoing life issues I have been experiencing and her guidance was extremely helpful indeed. In addition I felt that a number of issues had reached a resolution and felt greatly unburdened and optimistic following the session. Dawn delivers her message in a direct though always loving and compassionate way which encourages reflection and aids understanding. Thank you so much xxx”Clairvoyant Mediumship Reading  May 2015

“Thank you so much for today, for your time, the powerful healing and beautiful reading. It was so reassuring and made lots of sense”.  May 2015    (Joint Reiki and Clairvoyant Reading session).

“Thank you so much Dawn Russell for an amazing reading today, a very gifted medium. Amazing evidence, thank you soooo accurate.” JB April 2015

“The way you work with spirit is like nothing she or I have seen or experienced before. Truly a blessing and a wonderful and inspiring gift.” March 2015

“Thanks for the fab session yesterday. I feel so much more grounded today and able to think clearly”. S January 2015 (This session included meditation and healing work).

“There is magic and brilliance in Dawn’s work. Her ability to commune with others, seemingly inhabiting another dimension, is astounding. You may derive a sense of comfort, reassurance, certainty, power or strength from your reading. You may feel other emotions. One thing is a given, you’ll be happy that you took the leap of faith to experiment, and to be bold. After your reading, your life might quite possibly, never be the same again.” Overseas Skype Reading, November 2014.

“Enid, well, all I can say is wow and wow!. This is my late mothers name, not a very common name so for you to get this blew me away” September 2014 Email Reading

“Thank you so much for tonight. We both really enjoyed it and will another time to see you!” October 2014

“I just wanted to thank you so much for the reading today.  I am very grateful for the messages which have really guided me. Thank you so very much.  I feel so very peaceful now and truly directed and guided after the reading.. Thank you thank you thank you Dawn for what you have done for me, and my heart today!” September 2014 (Distance Telephone Reading).

“Thank you so much for my reading last Thursday.  You gave me great comfort and I feel a little movement in my restoration of faith thanks to you.” August 2014

“I also booked to have a reading with Dawn after my Reiki Healing session which was also very wonderful, I related well to the information that was passed onto me, and Dawn told me one thing that I needed to know at a very challenging time in my life. This information helped me tremendously and I’m so please Dawn was the one to pass this onto me. Dawn doesn’t do spiritual healing/reiki or readings for the sake of it, she understands it, and does it to help others. Dawn is a very caring and genuine person and has a real connection to those who wish to visit her, and has their best interest at heart.”  C July 2014

Fabulous evening last night you were very inspiring” Evening of Clairvoyance, June 2014

“Wanted to thank you again, you brought me so much comfort….never had such an accurate reading that made me smile, laugh and cry equally.”J December 2013

“Thank you so much for today. I have never had a reading like yours before. I’m so glad what you said what so accurate about so many things.”  L September 2013

“Just wanted to say thanks for seeing me the other day, I found it very interesting and my family enjoyed hearing some of the info too.” D August 2013

“I had my first reading from Dawn and I would like to say that it was very accurate and enlightening in many different ways. I came away looking to the future with confidence and anticipation. Highly recommended.  Thank you Dawn.” JD November 2012

“Dawn is a peaceful, enthusiastic channel for spirit to connect to this world and to its people in it. Dawn has given me directed guidance from my loved ones and comforting messages when I have needed them the most. There is an essence of healing when you’re around her and a deep reassuring honesty with her approach to her medium ship. I have recommend Dawn to my friends and loved ones. I will continue to do so as they have had the same inspiring experience I have”.  SC April 2011

Spiritual Reiki Healing & Reiki Shares

Whilst suffering from a period of severe depression in November 2014, I contacted Dawn for Reiki treatment. The depression had left me with a lack of feelings where I was unable to cry and I was struggling day to day with how to cope and needing a lot of support from my friends and family. Dawn was understanding, allowed me to ask any questions and reassured me whilst I was making inquiries. She confirmed details and the appointment I booked and I met her at a beautiful peaceful treatment room where I felt very safe and calm. I had a further session with her at my home where I not only had reiki on myself but energy healing on the energy in the place I live. I have benefited greatly from the treatments I had with Dawn. I will continue to work with Dawn and I hope in the future to make steps to become reiki attuned myself.”  April 2015

“I just wanted to say thank you so much for my Reiki treatment last week. I am feeling more balanced and grounded more like my old self.  I don’t feel like my aura is as dark and heavy as it felt when I saw you. I am so thankful for your help of releasing the trapped energy on my chest it’s the first time in 2 years I have been able to breath without feeling like I’m suffocating. After speaking to my mum today I now know who J was” A, February 2015

“Dawn is aware of what personal challenges I have been confronted with in the last year. I have had some amazing reiki healing sessions with Dawn and can only describe these as incredible, I was unsure what to expect at first, however Dawn is empathetic, understanding and clear and works at the pace her client wishes to work to” July 2014

Thank you Dawn Russell for hosting a wonderful reiki share yesterday and to all the other lovely people that were there, pleasure to meet and work with all of you.” T August 2014

“Have had a fabulous day today meeting new friends and sharing Reiki !! What more could one possibly want? Let’s see what tomorrow brings!! Thank you to Dawn Russell for hosting a glorious day – mostly highly recommended !! Much love to you all !” E August 2014

“I wasn’t sure what I would get out of my reiki treatment with Dawn, but felt at ease straight away. I’m also not once for being able to relax and it took a few minutes before I did and just let Dawn work her magic.  I felt lighter when the treatment was complete and can’t put my finger on how it made me feel, but it felt good. I would definitely have another session and  have already told my friends and family about it and told them to give it a go” T June 2014

“I was diagnosed with a worn vertebra in my neck, for over 20 years I experienced a crippling pain in my neck which prevented me from being able to move it.  I was in great pain when Dawn asked me if I would like her to perform spiritual healing on my neck.  I agreed and as she placed her hands on my neck, I experienced a feeling of heat radiating from her hands.  After she had finished, the pain in my neck started to subside and as the day progressed the pain stopped.  I was delighted and amazed. Since receiving healing, I have not experienced that pain again in over 7 years.  As a result of this, I would highly recommend anyone to Dawn for spiritual healing as it really worked for me”. V 2012

“Coming from an engineering background, I am a total believer of all things scientific, so when Reiki was suggested to relieve my aching body of a very stressful situation, I was very skeptical. Then Dawn performed some ‘Reiki healing’.  I still don’t understand how when she was performing the healing, her hands were burning hot on my body! Yet to the touch they felt normal.  After, I was completely amazed at the results. I was less tense and stress free. I still don’t understand how it works, but it works! ” AS 2012

 Meditation Tuition / Spiritual Development

“I wanted to tell you how much I am enjoying the Spiritual Awareness Weekends and am really looking forward to the next one in September. The group are so nice and under you and your wonderful friend’s lovely guidance, I am moving forward.  This is a wonderful step and all down to your gentleness and nurturing.  Thank you so much once again and see you in September.”  July 2017

“Lovely workshop today thank you for having us”. Simple Meditation Workshop January 2015

“Really enjoyed today’s workshop learnt many helpful techniques. Thank you Dawn Russell feeling very relaxed this evening!”  Simple Meditation Workshop January 2015.

“Amazing group yesterday. Beautiful meditations and skills learnt which will be used daily. Would recommend to everyone” H – Simple Meditation Workshop January 2015.

“It was lovely and there was beautiful energy in the room. Already using what I learnt and I had a wonderful day thank you” H – Simple Meditation Workshop Januyar 2015

“I attended the Divine Connection day that Dawn organised on the 28th June 14, I was aware that this date was an anniversary of a loss I had suffered, and with it being the first year, I was worried about controlling my emotions. When driving to the village Hall, I got lost and got myself into such a state, the tears continued to flow down my face. I called Dawn and apologised, Dawn was very understanding and calmed me down in an instant, she knew how important it was for me to attend that day and knew I would get so much out of it. Which I did, I now know who my spirit guides are, a year ago I didn’t think I had any spirit guides. If it wasn’t for Dawn, I would have turned around and gone home that day. Truly wonderful and I will be attending many more spiritual classes and events Dawn put’s on.

Thank you Dawn” C July 2014

I had a great day with experiences I have never had before….Things that I didn’t understand were explained to me. Thanks Dawn for a lovely day that went so quick. Highly recommended. D x

Thank you for a lovely day. It was truly a day away from it all and I was sad when it ended. You are so good at what you do…..It was beautifully relaxed and friendly, yet professional. Tx

“I have been attending Dawn’s meditation group on a weekly basis for 7 months. My reasons for attending was to increase my spiritual knowledge and awareness.  I have become aware of how spiritual and psychic I am and through this group, these senses are becoming stronger.   Dawns meditation group is in a relaxed, friendly atmosphere where you can unwind, cleanse your Chakras, meditate and connect spiritual beings.  Afterwards I always feel uplifted and relaxed”.  KG March 2013

“Fantastic night last night, I was able to give a mini reading! I was buzzing afterwards!” WC 2013

Energy Clearance, Home Blessings.

“Having moved into our new house 4 months ago we were overwhelmed by the signs that we had a ghost.
In the first few weeks  I was woken up in the middle of the night with a man walking down the hall and sitting on my bed. A  week later in the middle of the night I was woken by my son calling out, I sat up and saw a child who I thought was him walk across to the bathroom. I got up and went to check my son and he was still asleep.
My daughter saw an orb turn into a black shadow full of dark lights come towards her twice on consecutive days.  Smells of cigarettes ,cough sweets, lavender etc all followed!  Other activity took place including flickering lights and general disruption of energy in the house.
Enough was enough I had to do something as my children would no longer even go into a downstairs room alone, let alone go upstairs.  I called Dawn, after finding her on this site and she visited the house and did a very powerful  clearing. She also did continual medium work, picking up info from relatives who have passed on which was amazing . She asked if I had problems concentrating which was amazing as I had been to the doctor that week about difficulty concentrating for my degree.
Our ghost is gone! The kids go upstairs and actually play in their rooms alone and I no longer have to have the hall light on through the night.
Dawn followed up her visit with  an e mail,  texts and phone calls checking everything was ok and to assist with further personal energy clearing and grounding work.
I found an absolute gem in Dawn and can’t recommend her enough! C, February 2015.

“Thought I would put into words the effect of you clearing out the negativity from the house I was selling.
I would always feel negative when I went to the house but felt very different when we both walked around the house and you brought in your positivity . Each room seemed to light up and a sense of past seemed to fly out of the opened windows,it was a sense of letting go but at the same time being supported by you and family members from the past.
It was so reassuring to know my family spirits were supporting me in my decision to sell the house and you spoke about such private things that ONLY that particular family member spirit would know about.
At the end of your visit there tears of remembrance as the house I felt had so  many negative moments in ended up being a house with so many wonderful memories of when family members,no longer here, would visit and the tears turned to happy tears.
At the end you asked me to pass some messages onto Malc, my husband , who is very sceptical about such things. It was only through you that I discovered that Malc’s father’s name was not the name I knew him by , the initial you gave totally confused me until Malc confirmed his father’s name did begin with an E and he was always know by his middle name.
There were many instances of how you connect with the spirits over the years I have known you and I always felt reassured that things would turn out alright in the end as I am surrounded by loving spirits, something I find so reassuring.
The whole experience was enlightening and enabled me to move on emotionally due to some of the messages you passed on to me
Much Love. L August 2014.”