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July 2013



Telephone to Heaven

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Telephone to Heaven

I still sit in a meditation group myself, to maintain my own learning and spiritual vibration.  Of course we often discuss spiritual matters and one of the ladies in the group shared a story with us about her son age 5.

One day, Amanda found her little boy standing with the telephone in his hand. The phone was off the hook and she could hear the operator saying “Emergency Services, which service do you require please?” Naturally, my friend very quickly took the phone and very apologetically explained to the operator that her son had dialed the number without actually needing a service. Luckily, the woman accepted the explanation and didn’t take the matter any further.

Having previously explained to the children that this number was only to be used if something really serious happened, Amanda turned to her son with a serious look on her face and asked him and why he had done this?
His reply took her breath and serious face away when he responded “I thought if I used that really important number, I could get through to Grandad in Heaven”.

Many thanks to Amanda and family for allowing me to share their story.
With loving blessings.

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