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December 2013



Stellar Blessings

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Dear Friends
We of the stellar bring earth a message. We have observed the challenges on your planet for many years now and would encourage human kind to open their hearts and their minds, for you are not the only beings in existence of importance.
We would bring you a message with the utmost divine love and expression of blessings but also of a very practical nature.
There has been much already written and spoken about the importance of what we are going to say and indeed recently we have observed talk of a spiritual revolution.
We have observed for many years the imbalances on your planet and the few taking control of your planet. We would encourage and say to you with much conviction, that it is time for mankind to wake up and take action.
We would categorically state that this action is passive and not aggressive; for many of you know that the energy that you put into the situation is that which you receive.  We speak of wars and violence against each other on your planet.
It is time for mankind to wake up and take back their power.  Begin by observing and taking back your power. There is much information already around you which is relevant and of use.
Your governments are not the ones holding the power and control. You, the people are.

If you want peace and loving in your societies, be that energy, be the change you want to see in the world. This is a simple equation of physics my friend, what you put into a situation, you will receive.
Begin by looking at your own lives and thinking how you yourself can make a positive change in your own well being, treat yourself, your mind, your body and your spiritual soul, with love my friends.
Mankind cannot continue to walk around in the darkness, wake up and realise your beautiful power of light, which is within and all around you.

We will leave you now, we will return.
With our love, light and blessings

Your stellar friends

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