Email, Skype and Telephone Distance Spiritual Readings

How do Distance Readings Work?

Many people like to have a face to face reading though this is not always necessary and I also offer Clairvoyant, Psychic or Spiritual Readings or via Skype, telephone and email including international sessions. Many people ask me how this is possible and the simple answer is that energy travels. In the same way electricity travels via cables or conduits, so spiritual energy also travels. Your loved ones in spirit can very easily visit me during our session and the reading still take place in the same way. As an energy channel or translator, I am able to work over any distance and connect with your own energy and that of loved ones in spirit. In this way, I am able to provide a clear concise reading and overview as required. I may use Angel, Ascended Masters or Animal totem cards (not tarot) to give clarity on specific subjects. Please see my testimonials page which includes clients who have received distance readings.

Benefits of Distance Readings

If you dont have the time to travel or need a reading quickly, distance readings are a great way to access spiritual assistanceand guidance quickly. These readings are still recorded for you to return to at a later date. By having a distance reading, you are able to enjoy it in the comfort of your own home.

Cost / Payment

All distance readings require payment in advance please, via PayPal. Please use the PayPal buttons below, selecting the type and length of reading you would like. If you do not have your own Paypal account, I can easily send you a Paypal invoice which is payable with a debit or credit card (this does not require you to have your own Paypal account). If you do not use electronic payment, I am able to accept a cheque via the post. I will not give my bank details to anyone to do a bank transfer.

Please use the field provided to give your email address and contact number.

Please contact me with any questions regarding this or any other aspect of my work or to book your session today!

07973 384406

With love, gratitude and blessings x


Email readings can be a good way of getting spiritual insight into a particular question or subject. Please email your questions to email readings following payment. They are available as follows:-

1 question £11 (15 minutes)

2 questions £16 (20 minutes)

3 questions £26 (30 minutes)

4 questions in depth or medium-ship reading £41.50 (1 hour)

A specific question is not always necessary and I am happy to do an email for a specific period of time as per above. I cannot guarantee to answer the question directly however as it may be that you are having an experience and need to learn a lesson from a situation in order to develop in your life. I can read the situation and give you an overview and a different perspective and perhaps some suggestions about how to proceed or what maybe helpful in the situation.

Email Distance Readings
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These can be done over any distance and are recorded. They maybe a way of receiving clarity in a situation or seeking connection to the world of spirit. Email readings are best enjoyed when you are in a quiet space with no distractions and can be present for your reading in order to get the most from it.

It is also possible to send Reiki healing during this session and this may be included if needed.

Telephone readings are recorded my end on a MP3 recorder and emailed to you after the reading. available as follows:

30 minutes – £26

1 hour – £41.50

Telephone Distance Readings
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Skype is a good way of connecting with spirit, receiving love and guidance. I can also offer clarity and insight to specific situations in this way. It is also possible to receive healing during a Skype or distance sessions.

You will need the latest version of Skype installed on your computer, phone or tablet and a good internet or WiFi connection. Skype is free in the UK. I will record it this end in the form of a video file, download this to a shared file server and email you the link. It is also good if you are in a quiet location, with no disturbances in order to enjoy your reading.

30 minutes – £26

1 hour – £46.50

Skype Distance Readings
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