What is a Clairvoyant Psychic or Medium?

In simple terms, a Clairvoyant Psychic is a channel or interpreter of energy. Clairvoyant means to see clearly. I see, hear sense and smell energies at a different level, having tuned my other senses to be aware of energy vibrations. I am a spiritual translator or medium, middle person, in the same way people translate different languages, My work is carried out with the highest intention and with love and light.

What happens in a reading?

I offer a direct link to spirit and the spiritual energies for those wishing to receive information from the spirit realms. Each reading is different because each person is individual. Working with my spirit helpers, I am able to connect with your loved ones in the spiritual realms, provide proof of existence and loving guidance as it is given to me. I may also connect with your spirit guide or guardian Angel in to give you proof or guidance. As a Psychic, I link in with the energies of the person I am working with or reading for. On occasion I may use Angel Cards or coloured Ribbons to tailor or personalise each reading. I do not use Tarot cards. Readings can be given face to face in a private reading, in a group or at a party. I also offer telephone and email readings.

Can I ask questions and receive answers?

Naturally, many people have questions about their own lives or a particular person they may wish to contact. In my experience, the more open minded you can be and manage expectations (as with our lives) the easier the flow of energy will be. I am able to receive direct questions regarding particular situations and look into these. By connecting with the energy around a situation, I may be able to shine a light on a situation and help to see or reflect on a choice , though it should be said that each person is responsible for their own journey and the decisions in our lives.

I am legally bound to say that I accept no responsibility or liability for personal choices following information given in a reading. One of the 7 spiritual principles of Spiritualism is personal responsibility and this is of great importance if we are to learn during this lifetime and move forward.

How much does it cost?

Price updates in effect from 1st March 2014.

I offer readings in a variety of formats for the following donations:

Private one to one readings, face to face – £30 for 1 hour, per person. I also offer 30 minute readings for £20. Both these include a recording of your reading in MP3 format emailed to you.

I also offer telephone, email and Skype readings. Private one to one telephone readings, payment via PayPal £30. An email address is required in order to send invoice for payment please. Email readings are £20 for 30 minutes or £30 for 1 hour.

Party or group bookings, 20 minute readings, £20 per person, normally around 6 people.

If you have more than 6 people, I have a network of good psychics who can join me at your party or event.

Gift vouchers are also available for that extra special gift at the prices above. I am able to accept payment via PayPal and post your voucher.

Client Testimonials

“I had my first reading from Dawn and I would like to say that it was very accurate and enlightening in many different ways. I came away looking to the future with confidence and anticipation. Highly recommended. Thank you Dawn.” JD November 2012

“Dawn is a peaceful, enthusiastic channel for spirit to connect to this world andto its people in it. Dawn has given medirected guidance from my loved ones and comforting messages when I have needed them the most. There is an essence of healing when you’re around her and a deep reassuring honesty with her approach to her medium ship.I have recommend Dawn to my friends andloved ones. I will continue to do so asthey have had the same inspiring experienceI have”. SC April 2011

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