This weeks super blood blue moon sees an event which only happens every 150 years. This powerful Moon brings an abundance of feminine creative energy which encourages us to hold a positive vision of our lives. For some of us, it will be about letting go, releasing old ways of thinking, whatever that means to us. We are all undergoing momentous shifts, embracing new ways of being.

Photo by Ganapathy Kumar on Unsplash

It would seem that we are at a unique point in history. We cannot look at any form of media at the moment without hearing another way in which the feminine energy is waking up.  Movements like “Me too” and “I have” are opening the flood gates for women to speak out against mistreatment.  Across the globe, thousands of men, women and children are stepping forward, dis-honored by those in power in some way. Anger from hundreds of years of abuse being cleared as we realise what is acceptable in our societies; encouraging us to find our power to set boundaries to move forward.
The masculine and feminine energy is dancing, trying to find their place and purpose. We are learning how to honor ourselves and heal those things which may have been missing in our lives. LGBT communities show us that the roles are changing, what we once thought of as black and white or polar, has many beautiful colours, shades and expressions.  As the yin feminine energy seeks balance, so does the yang, masculine. Our societies have come to rely on this dominant masculine energy; doing more and acquiring wealth and status. We seem to have lost the feminine nature and nurture. Dont get me wrong, I am not disrespecting the masculine energy, far from it. The feminine needs the protective force of the man. The creative seed in each woman, our very essence of love and nurture was once revered. The power of the wise women, the healers and intuitives so necessary in our society’s are still viewed by the mainstream as kooky or odd. This changing, it has to.

The female yin power which yields and allows others to be, is by no means is weak. Our beautiful planet, Gaia is the feminine force which nurtures us all, creativity in all its magnificence and glory. We are the mothers, the nurturers, the care givers. Though, all too often, we loose ourselves in caring for others. Becoming external rather than centered in our power. Do we need to step back into who we are, in order to find ourselves to be true to the nature of our nurture. Or are we simply undergoing another shift in our evolution?


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