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November 2014



Spiritual Communication

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A question which I have been asked regarding the spiritual work I do and in particular spiritual readings and communication, concerns language and what happens if the spirit wishing to communicate is of a different culture than myself.
As a medium of communication or a channel, I translate the energy that spirit and the divine bring through me, or that I allow. This works by my seeing spirit, symbols and a variety of information. I also work by sensing feelings and sound vibration, so hearing information and words from spirit as well as sensing and feeling emotions.
So in the same way as a translator translates language, I translate a different format of communication into what is hopefully understood and received as spiritual proof of existence.

Of course we are all human beings and have the same light in each of us, the same emotions, needs and wants in our daily lives. We are all the same deep down. So the human experience is the same which I believe translates. So really, as long as the person receiving the information speaks the same language as myself, language need not be a barrier.

I am sure it does not need to be pointed out that if human kind remembered this simple fact, we could all have more kindess, understanding and compassion for one another.

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