Wisdom of the Medicine Wheel Saturday 29th February The Yurt Clophill

Wisdom of the Medicine Wheel Saturday 29th February The Yurt Clophill

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Join us on Saturday 29th February from 10am in the Yurt at the Clophill Center for a day of meditation with the Lakota Medicine Wheel.  The sacred hoop has been used for centuries by all people to understand our journey through life and beyond.

On this sacred day, I will be drumming for you to journey around the medicine wheel in the Lakota tradition.  By meditating or journeying to each of the sacred directions, you will receive insights which can be understood and help you on your pathway.  Learn how walking the red and blue roads on our pathway through life shows us freedom from our repeating patterns.

Meet your power or totem animal, understand the symbols, colors, feelings in the context of each direction and what it means.  I provide a handout for you to take away to understand and continue your learning at home.

Participate in a beautiful opening ceremony to create a medicine wheel and place your own offerings. We start the day with an energy smudge and use sacred herbs during our day.  This is a very special opportunity to retreat into space for yourself for the whole day. Suitable for all levels of understanding.

Spaces are limited so booking and deposit are required. Total cost is £38, deposit of £18 and remaining £20 in cash on the day please.

Book using the booking button above or call me on 07973384406 with any questions or to book by card payment.

Wisdom of the Medicine Wheel
A relaxing day of meditation to the drum.