What is Trance Mediumship?

Trance is a form of mediumship where the channel or medium is used in a more direct way. this writing or explanation is being given in a state of light trance or what may be called shadowing. To the participant, the medium may appear to change in their mannerisms, their voice or in vocabulary.
Trance is a melding of the energies and is only done with the consent of the medium. It is a melding or blending of the energies of the spirit or energetic communicator with the mediums own energy and mind. As the term mental mediumship implies, communication takes place through the mind of the medium, using the mediums own speech to
deliver the message.
Trance or an altered state allows a more direct form of communication to take place, removing the conscious mind of the medium to allow other teachings of a higher nature to be delivered to the sitters. Trance maybe used to deliver insight teaching and wisdom. It is very important that we say that our dear medium is not harmed in any way and in fact benefits from this work as it gives her a rest! In all seriousness the medium is as much in control as we are and we all work as a team, one happy family of souls in the light to deliver light and love from the spiritual realms. She knows her team very well and trusts us to work with us. She is very capable and knows that she is able to say yes or no to the communication. We only work on a very loving vibration. What she doesn’t know is that she has done with form of work in many lifetimes. You see when we are in control the truth of spirit comes forward from a higher source.
She has a large team of communicators and helpers, spirit friends from all walks of life who work with her to ensure her well being during these communications. We are monitoring her physical state, breathing energy and ensuring that all is well. We are compensating for physical conditions and bringing healing to her mind, emotions and physical state both during trance communication, in sleep state and meditation. And this is true for many of you, your unseen helpers are
just waiting to help, to assist and to love you with your own journeys, if you would sit and listen and allow the light to envelop you. It is necessary to say that trance is a form of mediumship used in many ways. Many healers including the child will use the trance state in healing work with others and also in communication such as this.
Please be assured that the child only works in the highest vibration of love and light and no harm will come to you the sitter. The medium is more vulnerable though of course is very much protected by an army of helpers who ensure that no harm comes to her or indeed the sitters, yourself. Very simply, trance is an altered state achieved by a deepening of the connection between our dear channel and ourselves by melding our energy in a closer manner.
Sometimes she is present, sometimes she is not.
It is important while we are taking this opportunity to discuss this method of spiritual work or communication, to say that the child has sat for many years and has a very deep connection with us, her friends and team. She knows who her trance control and gatekeeper is. She has worked with us for many years and trusts us to protect her. It is important (and the child will also testify to this) that you should not open yourself to a deep level of communication such as this without the necessary training and knowledge of spiritual tools, a strong and trusted connection to your friends in spirit and the confidence that you are able to discern and trust the energy working through you. To develop spiritually takes time. To work as a medium and a psychic is easy yes, but the quality of the communication and messages is dependent on the time taken to deepen connection and trust with your guides and helpers for they are your friends who are very necessary to help with a quality of communication which many sitters appreciate. It is not a quick career or party trick, it is a calling which takes many years to perfect and many patient hours of sitting in meditation in the energy. It is not a quick nor overnight activity. It takes careful nurturing and a building of the energy necessary to work in this way and as we have said, the knowledge and relationship with whom you are communicating. Remember, things are not always as they seem. It is necessary to respect all forms of energetic work, to work in harmony with the spiritual and angelic realms. In this way, a positive result can only occur.
It is a way of us communicating the love and light to you verbally, giving support and encouragement on your
pathway. It is all done in the love and light, with blessings to you.
With abundant blessings,
Via Dawn 25022019

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