Warriors Of Love

You are invited to join us in peaceful meditation weekly at 9am UK GMT every Saturday morning for yourself, the healing of the planet and to raise the vibration around the Earth. There will be no technology, just a simple meditation or sitting in the quiet and focusing on the light. Attached is a free channeled meditation for anyone who wants to join us regularly and would appreciate a guided meditation on alignment and healing. It is a very simple meditation suitable for all levels of understanding and experience. We are encouraged by spirit and the Angels to sit and visualize the Earth in a globe of light, or the net of light.  Very simply, it is connection with the light, your own heart and a visualizing our planet held in a ball of light or the net of light. We will sit for up to 30 minutes or as long as you are able. If you wish to join after the start time of 9am, you are of course welcome to do so. The meditation recorded is a guide for anyone who wishes to join us and would appreciate some guidance on how to proceed.
This is a free meditation which you may keep and enjoy. We hope you will join us each Saturday, as you are able. No experience necessary, only a willingness to heal yourself and the planet. There is further channeled insight below which gives more insight on why we are inviting everyone to join us and have a positive impact on the planet in all ways. Feel free to take this with love, take it and use it. Meditation on the light is a superpower.

The following is channeled from spirit and the Angels as background to why myself and other light workers have chosen to do this weekly. There is no charge for this. You are welcome to join us, to meditate to connect in the light, for the betterment of yourself and the planet. No technology, just sitting in meditation for healing and to raise the vibes.

Dear ones, thank you for taking the time to connect with these words which come to from the loving higher frequencies of the spiritual and Angelic realms. We come to you with love to bring to your awareness, the energy which surrounds your planet now and to offer you an opportunity to connect freely with the light.  The energy encircled around your planet at present is of a dense and heavy nature. This is a result of the challenges which are faced on your planet and the continuing perpetuating of this energy in all areas. There are many factors which contribute to this but for the purposes of this, we will use one word. Fear.  This energy which is so prevalent at present is causing if you like, a clogging of the wheels of progress on your earth, in the atmosphere and beyond. Many of you will experience this in terms of anxious, fearful thoughts which unfortunately is not helped by the outlets of media, news and global domination presently at play. We do not wish to become political but this is having a very real impact on your earth on the behavior of your fellow humans. It is possible that as a light worker, spiritual traveler, you will have experienced this.  We have spoken to our dear channel who types this now and asked her and those around her to set up a regular time for like minded souls to sit on a regular basis to connect with the light. As many of you are aware, your intentions and focus are real energy which create and manifest real things, energy, interactions and situations. You have the power to change things. For in focusing on the light, so you amplify the light to help burst through the clouds of darkness. Many of your spiritual centers are closing and we need your help, to meet us halfway, to raise the vibration and anchor the light on Earth. This is work of service though of course, you will benefit from regular meditation and learning to raise your vibration. Focus not on the thoughts of the mind but of the light around you dear ones

Thank you for your connection.

Raising the Vibration, 9am every Sunday, meditation on the light to enhance the energy of the earth and burst those clouds away.
Image by Arek Socha from Pixabay

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