Visiting the Halls of Healing.

Below is an account of a recent meditation where I visited the place where souls receive healing when they have passed over or died, if it is required. I have called this place the halls of healing. These souls are sometimes not aware that they have passed or need healing as part of their adjustment into the spirit world. This maybe necessary when a soul has passed suddenly or was perhaps confused prior to their departure from their earthly life.

I was recently doing a Reiki self healing treatment. Its necessary for me to care for my own energy when I give to others. During the treatment, I went into deep meditation, as often happens. I am blessed that the ascended beings and spirit often visit me, helping me personally and of course guiding me when helping others; I experience some very interesting things.
On this occasion I was very fortunate to be aware of the dear Doctor. He comes when I am teaching and healing others. On this occasion, he took me into a great chamber of light. I was not aware of any walls or ending to this space and I knew it was in the Ether or a higher energetic space.
As I looked around, I became aware that we were in a room filled with many beds. I was guided over to the bedside of an older lady, laying in the bed with her eyes closed. She had very long grey hair and her soul did not seem to be aware of us. I was aware that she was in her spirit state, that is to say that she had died on the earth plain and her spirit was in a resting state in the afterlife. She was in an unconscious state laying in the white room and bed. It seemed to me that she was not aware that she had passed into the spiritual realm.
The doctor and I each took one of her hands and placed our other hand on her shoulder, creating an energy circuit between us and started to administer healing.
After what seemed to be a short while, her eyes opened and I can still see her bright blue eyes. She became aware, asking where she was. The doctor told her that she has passed over or died.  She seemed a little upset or rather confused about this. I felt that she possibly had Dementia or Alzheimer’s, this was confirmed in my mind by the doctor.
I then became aware of the spirit of a man at the foot of her bed, a huge energy of love emanating from this man. Her huspand George, had come to greet her. She was overjoyed to see him. This seemed to help her greatly as she knew him.
We were able to bring her spirit out of the coma state, allowing her to begin her period of adjustment in the spiritual realms.

This was an exceedingly powerful experience. The huge white room had many beds in, of people who had passed into the spiritual realms though were in a disconnected state and unaware that they had passed. Writing about the experience immediately afterwards, I was aware that there are different levels for different levels of spiritual understanding, awareness or consciousness.
Im told this one was quite severe, this would not be a common experience necessarily for those passing with this or similar conditions, she had passed around 3 months ago. The doctor took me there as he thought Id be able to help.  He also wanted me to experience this place, to share it with others.  To help them understand some of what happens when we leave the physical body in the state known as death.
As I began to step back out of the ward or room, I was also aware of huge Angels around me and a real abundance of love, light and peace. Tears streamed down my face with the unconditional Divine love flowing through my heart.

As I wrote about my experience immediately afterwards, I was told that there are separate “wards” or spaces for different levels or vibrations, depending on the souls journey and understanding of consciousness or what some might choose to call God.

As I finish my writing, I was aware of the words thank you coming from the lady and the awareness that she can now begin her life in spirit after some further adjustment.

On reflection, this shows me that no soul is forgotten, that healing takes place during our period of adjustment. No matter how we pass into the spiritual realm or die, we are able to adjust and there are many spirit beings dedicated to this type of work. Whether a sudden, challenging passing or particular type of illness, no soul is left and is given the opportunity for healing and adjustment, regardless of their background beliefs or deeds here on earth. I am told that sometimes forms of counseling take place and adjustments are made to help the soul find peace.

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