Trance Mediumship, Channeling & Direct Communication Sessions

I have been asked by the Archangels, Spirit and Ascended realms to offer my trance abilities in “multi frequency direct communication & energy channeling sessions”.  These energetically channeled sessions are a direct connection to other energy for healing, insight and wisdom.  These are are now available in person or online.  The post below gives you more information about how these sessions may be help to you.

There are different types of spiritual readings, ranging from psychic card readings to mediumship communication with loved ones. Trance or direct communication (sometimes called Channeling in the UK) is also a form of Mediumship. Trance mediumship is a closer melding of energy with the spiritual and Angelic realms which is allowed, developed and honed over time.  This form of mediumship is often misunderstood by the media and popular culture. It is a deeply loving, divine method of communication allowing spiritual teaching, divine wisdom and energy work or healing between your spiritual helpers or guides and teachers.

This form of direct communication still uses the voice, mind and body of the medium though their conscious mind is cleared to allow a purer link, a higher frequency of communication. It is often used during teaching and I am in a semi trance state as I type these words to allow my spiritual friends in helping me to give you the understanding of trance and how it can help you.

Our dear channel only works in the light, is highly protected, supported and loved. Our dear friends in the Angelic realms are also wanting to step forward and use this form of communication in one to one sessions to help humankind at this time. Angelic wisdom, meditation, energetic clearance can all be done in this direct way using this energy. It is also used in healing sessions to bring forth the necessary energy.
So dear friends, if you are looking for a deeper form of spiritual reading, more connection, learning on your spiritual pathway, connection with the Angels, Karmic or past life answers, please consider a personal one to one trance channeling session with our dear channel.
These are helpful with your development and life pathway on a deeper level. Our medium may sit with eyes open or closed, you may be fortunate to witness changes in her energy, face and mannerisms. These are all part of the experience.
If you are seeking a normal reading regarding earthly matters such as relationships etc or wish to communicate with your loved ones, please opt for a clairvoyant mediumship reading.
These sessions can take place online over any distance or face to face. It is suggested that you have experienced readings or spiritual matters before. Please be advised that all readings and treatments are energetic experiences and as such are always deemed to be an experiment.

And from the Archangels & Ascended beings..

As humankind moves forward in their evolution, we in the Angelic kingdoms seek to draw closer to assist you to transcend the challenges of your earthly life and find freedom from fears which bind you. We are working with many spiritual and energetic channels at this time of coming into the 5th dimension, to shift the frequency of your planet which does have a far reaching effect on other dimensions and planes of existence. The energy manifest on your planet is changing; we simply seek to assist human kind with this transition. It does not need to be as challenging as it feels.  So many of you are aware and we seek to bring insight, healing and bring you tools, wisdom and a smoother pathway ahead. There is so much that we are able to help you with. Please consider allowing us to connect with you and assist in a very loving way to find light and freedom from uncertainty and fear. Choose love, it is the only real truth. The fear is the pathway, the darkness is your guide, these things can be acknowledged and yes, learnt from with love. In the embracing is the transmutation and change. These are tools we bring and seek to share thought this dear channel and many like her. Tools of transformation, freedom and change. 5D is now. (5th dimension). Be the change.
With our love.

If you would like to book one of these sessions, please use the book now button above or contact me on 07973384406 or via email using the link above if you have any questions or need any help booking.

With love and blessings.

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