The light in our hearts… a moment of peace… free meditation.

At this time of the darkest nights, remember the light in your hearts which shines brightly with the love of your creator. This warmth, ever glowing light shines always within you.

It can be difficult to remember this when things outside of you are so chaotic, busy and demanding.The Eternal light within..
We invite you now to pause, to feel your feet on the floor, to take a breath, to release all tension from your body, let go of your shoulders and all thoughts of what needs to be done. Pause and be in this moment. Breathe. Imagine now a candle or bright diamond inside of your body, just below your rib cage, glowing, shining brighter and brighter. Hold your attention there and breathe.

See the divine light, your creators love in abundance.
Allow the light to grow and flow through your body, through your stomach, shoulders, arms and legs. Let go and allow the healing calming light to flow. Enjoy peace in this moment dear ones. Know the peace of the divine love here for you all. Allow the light to wash over you, cleansing and releasing all
challenges and fears.  Be at peace, allow us to bestow a blessing of love and peace to yourself and all those around you at this time. Peace and great joy. May you find love and kindness in your heart now and always.
Sending you abundant blessings.

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