Take them into your heart

Take Them into your heart.

As the darker forces draw in and try to separate us from the light, from the light of loved shared with those around us, take them into your hearts. Remember that we are all one, you and I, we are all connected by a golden strand of light, this light connects us all in our hearts and continues to shine no matter how much the darkness tries to extinguish it. It cannot, for the light, the golden strands of love of the web of life intertwine us all, no matter who we are or what we believe.  Then, take them into your heart, in your thoughts focus on your heart, touch your heart. Though we cannot all be together, your heart knows, it knows the unconditional love of the Divine love. So we say, take them into your hearts. The sick, the needy, the suffering, take them into your hearts. Those who would do you harm and try to hide the light, take them into your hearts. The earth, your mother, the creatures, earth, air, fire and water, plants and all. Take them into your hearts.

The Net of Light, unconditional Yin energy.

Use this time of quiet to go within, to seek solace in the light, to pray, to meditate, to write to draw, to walk in nature. That thing that connects you to the moment, not the fear of the loss, the light, the truth of who you really are. Then my sisters and brothers, you will know love, you will know peace. Little and often. We send our loving abundant blessings and thank those who sat this morning. With love.

for more on the council of grandmothers and the net of light visit www.netoflight.org


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