Spiritual Butterfly in the Press

I am very blessed to have been asked to comment on an article in this months Take a Break, Fate and Fortune Magazine. Alongside other “experts” in the field, we discuss the topic of “Will we ever run out of Ghosts?” There is much to discuss with this topic and I came from the perspective of clearings and rescues. In my own experience, there will always be work to be done spiritually. We are growing and evolving, we are along way from the height of the ascension process where we no longer need to clear or assist souls who have lost their pathway. My peers on the article come from the parapsychology and ghost hunting backgrounds and the stance that there maybe less of the older ghosts than there used to be.

I am not completely comfortable with the ghost hunting phenomena which has recently become more mainstream and popular. If those going into dwellings know how to help a spirit or clear an entity that is great and helpful; though if a group enters a place and doesn’t have the experience, this could cause problems. There is also the question of respect and intention when going into a place where there maybe spirit in residence or visitation. It is always worth checking spiritually or with a pendulum whether it is right to go into a place. Groups continually going in, invoking the spirits or entities, could exacerbate the situation. In my opinion it needs strong, experienced medium, parapsychologist or mentor who know how to lead a group and ensure that people know what to do or not to do. From my perspective, it is so important that we always work with love and respect, whatever we are doing. Not everything is love and light in these locations, attacks can occur and attachments can happen. This is a reality which I have personally experienced and now help others with in my work. This work in all its forms is to be respected. I should imagine that people continually coming into my house or a place where I felt comfortable, putting out equipment to capture what Im saying and taking my picture every 5 minutes would frustrate me! It is also possible that if there are negative entities, the inexperienced can feed these and give it more power by continually hooking up with it on the fear vibration. Any group should be working with energy protection, and be able to clear their own energy and know what they might be walking into.

Perhaps it is part of our pathway and peoples journey to do investigations and find new ways of finding scientific proof of the spiritual side of life. Im hugely in favor of that. It really is about the intention and the energy with which we go into any situation in life, we attract what we put into a situation with our thought and energy. Perhaps if you are considering going into a place to see what you can find, ask permission first. If you cant connect with spirit, dowse or trust your feelings. Remember to use spiritual protection, prayer and intention crystals, visualizations and trust your feelings. If it doesn’t feel right, dont go.

With loving blessings and gratitude.