Channeled blog – Over Lighting Archangels.

How many of us are aware that we each have an over lighting Archangel, in addition to our Guardian Angel?   Watching another light working this morning I was introduced to this concept and of course, the Angels drew in close so that we may learn more about this… These are the words I received..

Dear lightworker and friends, we thank you for remaining open to our assistance at this time. The earth energy grows lighter and has a much finer frequency than 10 years past though still there is much to be done.
As our channel witnessed, there are many of you who have come to this earthly existence at this time to assist the earth and its inhabitants in this process known as ascension.  Our realm of Archangels is greatly involved with this and yes, many of you who have been incarnate light workers in previous lifetimes are now being called to assist with this process as part of this incarnation.
The term “over lighting Archangel” could also be called in your own terms, friend or peer.

The different realms, dominions or levels of angels work with you on personal, global and intergalactic goals. This means that your own souls purpose will possibly tie into the purpose you have chosen to assist with on a world level; as well as across time and space. In your own terms this means connection with other realms of light in other dimensions on other planets and realms.

We are always grateful for this chance to speak of such matters. To simplify, you will all have a personal friend, the term you use is Guardian Angel. Soul guide is another reference which could be used. This friend is mainly concerned with helping you stay on track in terms of your souls personal task or goal for the betterment of your own souls energy. The over lighting Archangels also have a role to play in this and many of you will have more than one alignment with the Archangels, dependent on the tasks or affiliations you have chosen to represent or work on in this lifetime. We should mention our dear brothers and sisters in the spiritual realm for they also walk alongside you and have a vital role to play in both your personal, global and stellar alignments at this time.

Shifts. It is all a question of the realignment of earths energy field into the intergalactic energy fields. For too long the earth has spun out of alignment with other systems.   And we walk patiently alongside you now, bringing you both wisdom and practical tools to use to help the shift out of your current energy field. This is very simple terms is the process known as realignment or ascension. As some of you are aware, the darkness in your earths sphere has been dense for a very long time.  The energy coming from your race in your interactions with one another are at times very harmful to yourselves and also the other beings which inhabit your planet. We speak of those you call the animal kingdom. In fact, many of these beautiful beings are very evolved souls, again, come to help humankind evolve and grow. Many of you are becoming aware of this.

We know and acknowledge that the changes taking place on your earth are at times very uncomfortable for many of you.  As the earth shifts and many of your old systems fall away, the energy which must move on, shift, increase in frequency and vibration is alien or different to many of you. This means that your own energy, your aura or light body (the new term used to reflect, remind you that you are a light being) must also change, letting go of old emotions, growing, releasing old ways of thinking, feeling and acting. The journey to your heart is a long one for some of you.

Before we leave our channel to do her work, we would again gently remind you that we are always present, we are always here, walking alongside you. We are always willing to help, to support and to love. We often send you signs, your acknowledgement of these signs strengthens our connection allowing you receive our love, healing and support.

With abundant loving blessings

The Angels.

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