Opening to Spirit, Trance Mediumship Workshop Saturday 26th Feb

Opening to Spirit, Trance Mediumship Workshop Saturday 26th Feb

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Join me on Saturday 26th February in Stondon Bedfordshire for a class on Trance Mediumship. Im really pleased to be partnering with Karen from White Feather events to help you Open to Spirit.  I will be helping you build a closer connection with your spiritual, Angelic & energetic friends and helpers in this Trance class.   You will both witness trance in my teaching and also experience the closeness of spirit for yourself.

I have been working closely with my friends, known affectionately as my “team” for many years and have been experiencing trance mediumship for around 15 years. We work very closely together and its this experience and knowledge that I want to share with you.

There are so many myths around this form of mediumship, its simply a closer connection or bond.  We will be talking about what trance mediumship actually is (and what it isn’t) as well as some of its uses.  The class will be taught directly by spirit, so they will tailor the class to those present.

You will experience meditations and visualisations to help you build a stronger bond with your spiritual team. After all, that’s one of the main benefits, is to strengthen that bond. While writing my friend the chief wants to say some knowledge of spiritual matters is helpful though not essential.  We will be demonstrating trance and talking about how to build a closer bond safely. This day will be helpful if you have a basic knowledge of your spirit team or simply want to get to know them better. Remember, they are learning too.

“We wish to say we have been working with the child for many years and these words we type now are in a form of trance or what is commonly known as an altered state. We work in a very loving way with the dear child who types these words. One of the main purposes of trance is to build, foster a closer, loving bond with our channel so that she may trust us and allow the words to flow. Then the spirit world can really connect and bring love, insight, healing and wisdom which is so needed on your planet at the moment. That is all.”

Some experience of connecting with spirit and meditation is helpful for this day, if you are new to connecting with spirit by all means contact me to discuss if this day is right for you.  Likewise, if we have not worked together before, please do contact me to say hello for a chat prior to booking.

Spiritual Butterfly and White Feather events are Covid safe businesses. A clear Covid rapid antigen test will be required 24 hours before the event please.

Spaces are £55 for the day please, booking and payment in advance is required to hold a space. Thank you. Location is Stondon in Bedfordshire, full address will be provided on booking.

If you have any questions regarding this class, please contact Dawn on 07973384406.