Online Meditation & Spiritual Awareness Tuesday 31.3.20 7:30pm

Online Meditation & Spiritual Awareness Tuesday 31.3.20 7:30pm

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Join me Tuesday 31st at 7:30pm for online meditation and spiritual awareness via Zoom. Im intending the group will run fortnightly on an ongoing basis.

The Angels and Spirit have asked me to hold space and offer an online group.  The Angels in particular want to connect with everyone and raise the vibration at the moment.

I will be guiding you through simple meditations with the Angels and Spirit. During these times of change with the Corona virus,  it is more important than ever to take care of ourselves. As we meditate and relax, our immune system is strengthened. Fear, stress and anxiety  lower our immunity, so its a great time to start  or continue meditation.

Some of the meditations will include:-

  • Breath work & healing
  • Energy awareness & protection at home
  • Cleansing and balancing our chakra and aura
  • Simple guided meditations
  • Working with Archangels and Ascended masters
  • And much more…

All levels of experience are welcome. Im a direct channel and trance medium so the content of each session will be tailored to those present. It is my intention to carry the light for you all and be a channel for your own guides helpers and Angels. The Angels and Teachers will tell me what you need. I have been teaching and working on a distance basis spiritually for a number of years.

Sessions are £10 for around 1.5 to 2 hours. You dont need zoom downloaded. I will send you the link on booking. If you dont know how to use zoom I am able to help and have a guide to send out.

Please give me a call if I’ve not met or worked with you before, just to say hello and answer any questions you may have.  There are a fixed number of spaces available so booking and prepayment is required please.

Book using the booking button above or I am happy to accept bank transfer. Prepayment is required prior to the start of the class please. Please contact me for details or help booking on 07973384406.

Stay safe, stay well and stay connected.

With love, Dawn


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