Listening with Love

I asked this morning for inspiration, what is needed in this moment…for the world…

The first step of any form of change, of spirit development, of emotional shift, of learning, formal, spiritual or otherwise is learning to listen. Is becoming present, is hearing, is awareness.

The first point of learning, growth, change, is always awareness, is always listening to ourselves, listening to other people, listening to our body, listening to our emotions, listening to our teachers, listening to energy, we are all so distracted from ourselves, our emotions, we are all so in our minds, we forget to listen.

We forget to be aware, how do we become aware, by stopping by pausing, by being in this moment. The meditation below invites you to stop for a moment, to pause and bring your awareness, your listening into this moment with love and compassion for yourself.

Listen with love. Enjoy it with love.

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