Intuitive Spiritual Awareness 14th March, 4th April & 9th May

Intuitive Spiritual Awareness 14th March, 4th April & 9th May

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Intuitive Spiritual Awareness 14th March, 4th April and 9th May.

Very excited to invite you to connect with your own energy, psychic and medium-ship abilities.

  • Do you sense and feel things about other people?
  • Do you want to learn how to meditate and look after your energy?
  • Do you hear, see, sense things you dont understand?
  • Are you very sensitive to other peoples emotions?
  • Do you connect with the spirit world and want to learn how to do this safely?
  • Do you want to enhance your spiritual development, raising your vibration?

I regularly come across clients and people every day that have the same gifts as me. The truth is, everyone of us is psychic. We all have intuitive ability.  We can all sense and feel things. Some of us are more sensitive than others.  Many of us can sense and feel other peoples energy. There are also those of us who can feel, see, sense the energy from the spirit world.

Many people shy away from these incredible gifts and abilities for many reasons. Maybe they were told it wasn’t real by others. Perhaps you are frightened to connect with this power?

I am passionate about helping others to realise their energy potential and giving them tools to enhance their life.

We are all on a spiritual journey, whether we know it or not. The tools that I teach are simple and easy to follow. When used regularly, they can enhance your life beyond measure.

On these 3 days I will be sharing my own experience and allowing our spiritual friends to guide your spiritual journey.

14th March – Day 1.

Connection and maintenance of your own energy. This will include meditation, sensing your own energy. Chakras and Aura – what are they and why is maintaining them paramount to your health and well being mentally, emotionally and physically.  The Clairs (clairvoyance etc) how to use them, their development) Cleansing, energy boundaries and much more. Meditation with the Angels.  This day will be helpful to anyone struggling with emotional health, anxiety, panic attacks etc from a relaxation perspective.

Day 1 is suggested if you are new to meditation or energy work.

4th April – Day 2.

Psychic awareness and Soul connection. Continuing to maintain your energy. 5th Dimension. Beginning to read psychically using tools (cards etc) . Building confidence with reading for others. Introducing spirit guides. Connection to Angels.

9th May – Day 3.

Mediumship. Connecting with your spirit helpers and learning to trust, calling cards. Learning to read with spirit. Giving and receiving readings.

  • If I have not met or worked with you before, please call me on 07973384406 for a chat to ensure this course is suitable for you before booking. 
  • If you have received no training before or sat in any development groups but are aware of spirit, please ensure you do the first day. 
  • This will give you the basics to open safely to spirit.  Group safety is paramount when opening to the spiritual and energetic realms.
  • When booking the course, please ensure you are able to commit to all 3 days as spaces are limited. Thank you. 

It is £55 for a single day (£25 deposit)

£90 for 2 days (£30 deposit and £30 on each day)

£120 for the 3 days (£30 deposit and £30 on each day).

Use the “Book” button above and choose 2020 Yurt classes, classes and the correct class. I can also take telephone bookings and card payments. Call me on 07973384406 or email me on

Intuitive Spiritual Development
Intuitive Spiritual Development