Healing with the Animals 28.9.22

Join us in the amazing Yurt at the Clophill Center (MK45 4BT) for an evening of sacred animal healing

on Wednesday 28th September from 7pm to 9:30pm.

We will start with sacred medicine blessings followed by drum journeying or meditation. I will be working closely with the Animal kingdom & Spiritual world to help you understand how the animals can help us on our pathway.

What is animal symbolism? What are totem and power animals?

Experience the loving connection and healing energies from all realms of the animal kingdom. How can their wisdom and insight help us grow and understand our pathway. Meditate or journey to the drum beat and receive insight wisdom and healing. Embrace the messages from all realms of the animal kingdom to receive their blessings. This class is dedicated to the healing of our planet and all habitats and creatures under threat from human kind. Aho!

Places are £18 a person please, pre-booking and payment necessary. Use the blue button on this page or call me on 07973384406 with questions, for card bookings or help with any booking. Thank you.