Free Heart Meditation

As a Thank you to everyone who Ive connected with this year, there is a short meditation below for you to enjoy.

Illustration of a angel surrounded by white and blue light.

I really appreciate everyone’s connection to the work I do and the opportunity to help others on their spiritual pathway.

This is my sole income so each time Im able to help others, it really does mean alot to me. To see others connect with their loved ones, to find peace or to be able to connect for themselves with the love and peace of spirit and the divine. It is a blessing and I thank you for allowing me to be part of your journey.

This message is in Windows media format so may not play on apple.

I hope you enjoy this short 7 minute meditation, it can be enjoyed everywhere though why not take 10 mins and be somewhere quiet to really connect with your heart. Suitable for everyone. Thank you again. With love and blessings, Dawn.

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