Direct from the Animals

Whilst writing text for my latest Animal Reiki page, I asked for some words  direct from the Animal Kingdom.. these are the powerful words which came…

If they could talk (at this point I invite the energy of the animal kingdom to communicate) We are not mere adornments or ornaments. We have energy, needs, a spirit and soul in the same way as you humans and we greatly appreciate this opportunity to speak. For too long, humans have abused us for their own needs. Tearing down our habitat for their own ends. Some of our brothers and sisters face extension because of the selfishness of human. Though we see the tide turning, at last the humans are beginning to see the truth and we are still here, standing here in love to help you with this change, as the child says, on a personal and global scale. So it is. Our beauty and magnificence belies our intelligence. The vastness of variety in the animal kingdom, from; the smallest Ant to the largest land and sea mammals show the range of possibility on our planet. Yes. Our Planet. it belongs to us all. Thank you for taking the time to read these words. Event the smallest change or contribution helps. Your thoughts and intention also powerful. Thank you that is all.

As I type these words, my heart is filled with love. Pure, unconditional love from all the spirits, the energy from the animal kingdom. This leads me to speak of another form of animal communication, that of animals who have passed on or died.
As a spiritual communicator or clairvoyant medium, I will often connect with animals who have passed into the world of spirit. Their energy, like human spirits is often picked up during a mediumship reading for a sitter in the same way a human spirit will communicate. This is another form of proof of continued existence of the souls of both the animals and human spirits who pass into the ether.
So I am asking for input on the souls or spirits of animals and what happens? Where do they go?

Very simply dear one, they live on in the minds and hearts of those who they leave behind. Yes the soul or spirit of the animal also stays in the light, closer at the time of passing and then onto their own sphere or plane of existence. As with the passing of human spirits, so the animals have their places, vibrations and frequency.  Some of them choose to continue in the spiritual realms as companion with their deceased humans. Sometimes, the wild animals act as ambassadors and communicators, as is the case with the very large, beautiful gorilla with whom I am communicating.  He commands respect and I can very much feel his love but also his strength as I type his words….

He says to me… “Just because my body is covered in hair does not mean that I am not intelligent, does not mean I do not have feelings and emotions, just the same as the human race. I was hunted in the Zambezi region many years ago. My role now is a communicator and I often influence communicators such as yourself at times such as these. I would say this, the animals remaining on your planet at this time are special.  They too have chosen to be here in the same way you humans have, to help with the evolution of this planet. The ascension of your race is NOT just about the humans, it is about the planet and ensuring its continued existence in this time line for eons to come. If you want to listen the animals, use your heart not your head. We are not mere ornaments or adornments, our energy has a purpose and the humans do not realise this. The love and energy we bring to your planet helps keep the balance of energy in check, this is very important. Each animal, insect, creature has a vital role to play in the eco system of the planet. We do not exist in isolation. It is a carefully woven chain through which the energy of life flows. When there is a disruption, be it a loss of habitat or a loss of my of dear fellow creatures, the energy, the web, the structure is affected not only on a physical or bio mechanical level but also on an energetic one. This is often misunderstood and I am very grateful for the chance to say this.”

I am very pleased to share that I am now qualified to practice Animal Reiki & Communication.  For more details, please visit my Animal Reiki & Communication page, using this link. Thank you. With blessings.

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