Clairvoyance at the Cave Shop 18th January 2020

Clairvoyance at the Cave Shop 18th January 2020

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Join me at the Cave Shop, Melbourne Street, Royston on Saturday 18th January 2020 where I will be offering Readings and Reiki in personal one to one sessions.

Start your new year with spiritual insight, healing and wisdom. I will be connecting with your spirit loved ones and teachers to bring through guidance and love.

I also offer Medicine Wheel life path readings with Animal cards, helpful for that extra insight to your pathway on specific subjects.

Personal spiritual readings are £25 for 30 minutes or £50 for the hour (this month only!)

Or enjoy relaxing Reiki for only £40 this month! Includes balancing chakras and healing.

Booking suggested via the booking button above or call me on 07973384406 with any questions or to book by card payment.

Readings & Reiki at the Cave
Readings & Reiki at the Cave