Beginners Spiritual Awareness 2.4.22 Cave Shop Royston

You are invited to explore your spiritual gifts at the beautiful Cave Shop in Royston on Saturday 2nd April from 10am to 4:30pm.

Are you having spiritual experiences and want to learn more? Are you spiritually aware and need to learn the basic tools to help balance your energy? Sensing, seeing, hearing energy and spirit?  Do you feel drained by others energy? Giving a lot to others, leaving nothing for yourself? Perhaps you “know” things about people or sense things. Are you having strange dreams?

Do you want to embrace your intuition or spiritual abilities but simply dont know where to begin? This class is for you. Perhaps you have been told you have a gift or ability?

A class suitable for beginners and returners, we will be exploring simple tools to help you on your spiritual pathway.

  • Simple meditations & visualizations to help your well being when used regularly
  • What are chakra and aura? Their importance in maintaining balance
  • Energy cleansing, grounding and protection
  • Psychic ability – working safety, ethics
  • Spirit guides, Angels and helpers

I will be sharing different exercises for you to connect and work with your chakras and aura.  Simple meditations and energy sensing exercises, grounding and other techniques.  We will cover how to cleanse your energy and protect yourself spiritually and energetically.  Relaxing, easy to use tips for meditation and mindfulness.

This class is suitable for anyone who wants to learn how to meditate and learn simple tools to enhance their well being.  We will be exploring psychic ability and connecting with the spirit world, guides, Angels in a safe, sacred environment.

We will be talking about the importance of spirit guides and connecting with them. The importance of intention when working spiritually.

Investment is £45 for the day please, advance booking and full payment required to reserve your place.

This class is intended for 18+ age range. Please contact me to discuss under 18’s spiritual awareness.