Are We Smart Enough for this Technology?

There has been a great deal in this weeks press, questioning whether children should have mobile phones and access to other electronic device’s. This got me thinking.

There are of course the discussions around the distractions that these devices cause, taking us away from human interaction with those around us. I have been saddened to see whole families on trains, all plugged in electronically, taken away from their own presence and that of loved ones around them. I’ve also nearly run a couple of people over that were so busy texting while crossing the road, they forgot to look!

I believe that there are other considerations which affect not only our personal relationships and emotional presence but our physical and spiritual health.

During my time working in child care, I attended some very interesting training which discussed psychological and medical research regarding the neurological pathways in the minds of newborn babies. It is now known that these pathways are not fully present at the time of birth but develop as a result of direct loving nurturing. The eye contact received by the newborn in the first few months of its life is an important part of this. If this nurturing is not received, attachment disorder can result, leading to a huge range of behavioral difficulties, including forming healthy relationship attachments. This subject matter is huge and is a much greater topic, suffice to say that this could be said to influence many mental health disorders, including possible predisposition to addictions.

We have also known for many years, that the human body does not stop growing until we are well into our teenage years and possibly into our early 20’s, the cartilage in our bones is still hardening. To give a child a device which radiates electromagnetic energy or radiation, to allow toddlers and children to play with mobiles, does this raise concerns about children’s well being?

Scientific research in the last 30 years has proven the existence of the human auric field, the magnetic energy field around the body which is very important in terms of our mental / emotional, physical and spiritual well being. We know this field exists, a visit to any decent size mind body and spirit fare will no doubt have a Kirlean photographer, able to photograph your own auric field. This field is sensitive to emotional energy, how often have you felt someone’s anger or better, love?
We know from research (see Hands of Light, Barbara Ann Brennan) that the auric field is affected by drugs, alcohol and our own thoughts. I wont have my phone in the bedroom at night. It over stimulates me and I am concerned about having a small but powerful computer around me all the time. We know that these devices are becoming more powerful, and yes, I have one and try to limit my use. I wonder what these devices, the phones, tablets etc, are doing to our sensitive energy field around our bodies. Our aura is linked to our nervous and endocrine systems through our chakras or energy centers. This is not new information, much is documented about the subtle energy systems of the body.

So, technology is definitely in our lives to stay. Isn’t it up to each of us to take responsibility for our use and in turn, our children’s use and the effect this has on us all? I guess it is still a little to early to see the medical effects of the amount of technology around us; though the emotional and interpersonal effects are beginning to show themselves. Can we use this technology to enhance, not hinder our lives? Can we take control and not allow it to not harm our emotional connection to loved one’s and the world around us? Writing this has certainly made me think again about my own use.

With love and light for your day, Dawnx

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