Angelic Retreat Day, 16th October, Kelshall Village Hall

Join the Angels and Ascended beings for a peaceful uplifting retreat in the sacred energy of Kelshall village hall, close to the Mary and Michael ley lines.   You will receive insight, healing and wisdom as they channel the loving energy from the divine realms through me. The meditations, wisdom and healing can be enjoyed by anyone, no experience is necessary. Just a willingness to receive and be in the light are all that are needed.  Our Angelic Retreat day is an in person event.

The Archangels so dearly wish to draw closer to support during these times of change.

Connect with your Guardian Angel for unconditional love and support.

Experience Chakra balancing with Metatron

Heal your heart with Uriel

Restore peace of mind and find abundance with Zadkiel

Find life purpose with Gabrielle

Enjoy protection and strength with Michael

Allow Raphael to bring healing and wisdom

Find passion and joy with Jophiel

The investment is £45 a person please, booking and full payment in advance allows me to concentrate on the energy.  The full address is Kelshall Village Hall, The Street, Kelshall SG8 9SE.

Doors open at 10am to start on time at 10:30am please. We will aim to finish around 4:30pm.