A Whale in the Thames 10 5 2021

A Whale in the Thames.

Turning on the radio this morning, I hear the news that a whale has swum some 50 miles up the river Thames. I believe there are no coincidences, everything has a symbolism. Many indigenous tribes believe this. Tuning in to listen I received these words…

I come to ask mankind to listen, we Whales can speak over long distances, sending our voices to our species through the oceans for many miles.

You are in danger my friends, danger with your closed ears. Listen to yourself and those around you. The two ears on the side of your head are not your only listening devices, your inner knowing, you call consciousness or intuition is your most important tool. The message I bring is one of salvation, listen to the planet as she speaks to you. Your leaders are moving slowly, though we ask you to make your choices regarding your rubbish at a faster rate. We are choking on the debris in the oceans. Our children are born with deformities, our oceans are dying. We ask you to listen in your choices as others do.

Likewise, listen to each other and see the simple things in life, see the joy, not the fear. The negativity, the hate, the judgement; has to stop. We ascended beings are here as ever, lovingly helping you move forward. Act with the love in your heart, not the fear. Your heart is your greatest listening device.
Thank you children of the land for hearing me and our message. May the water wash your fears away as you change direction. All our love, your friends of the sea.

As I write this, very drawn to the Prince of Wales, an omen.  I see the crown briefly touch his head then move onto his son. A sudden death brings change. A shock to the nation. Change in law or statute necessary to facilitate change needed brings argument. The old ways make way for the new under pressure.

Picture courtesy of Jamie Sams Animal Medicine Deck.

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