A Voice From the East
We offer a prayer for those souls lost. May they find peace in the light.

Warning – Very emotional passage. Contains potential triggers.
This morning I hear about the tragedy in the channel. 27 souls have been lost during their attempt to travel across from France to England in attempt to flee persecution, to find safety.  As is often the case, as a Medium and channel, I light a candle for them, for their passage into the light and am given these words.
(Warning – emotional passage)
We came in the night. We flee persecution. I brought my girls save to, avoid selling my precious girls or having them raped and violated. The new power in rule in our country is without love of even the thought of compassion. There was not hope for us. We fled. Taking our risks, we sold our lives, fully aware of the damage possible, the risk to our life. Better to take this risk than to stay where women and men are being persecuted, raped, sold. A situation has arisen at which the west is not yet aware. The open market for slavery has open again as the days of old. This was formerly gone.

I was a teacher and a scribe. I taught in my community (Fatima) I was a mother and a wife, coming to join my husband. The legal issues in your country do not make it easy. I am sorry to trouble you like this but before I pass over into the gateway of light, I wanted to say these words, to tell my story.
Life has become unbearable since the soldiers left. My daughter is now dead, though with me. We are together. Yes the Dingy, the boat was unsafe, we knew the risks.
There is a pause. I get a sense of the sadness and loss that this soul is experiencing but there is also a strength, anger and determination. I ask if there is anything else she wants to say.
It is not fair, the imbalance of life between east and west, power and money. I thank you sister, for your loving energy and hearing my words.
I have seen babies, girls only, taken from their mothers arms and sold to strangers. Yes the black market for children is alive and well in our country.
Yet there is hope, souls like yourself who care, those who would hold the light. Offer our souls prayers. I must go now, I can see my mother. I go and be with her. Thank you and bless you.

My name is Ahmed. Thank you for hearing our words. There is so much fear and persecution in our country. The old life is gone. The west must realise that you cannot play cat and mouse with our lives. That is all. Thank you.

If you have got this far, please offer your prayers for these souls and for those on our planet who are being persecuted, who live in fear at the hands of another.

Thank you. Bless you. May the light keep you.

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