10 Ways to get the most from your Psychic Clairvoyant Reading

10 Ways to get the Most from your Spiritual or Psychic Clairvoyant Reading.

If you’re thinking about having a spiritual or psychic reading, there are few things you can do to get the most from your session. It’s also worth understanding the process and I’ve written this article to help anyone thinking about getting a reading or anyone who wants to know more about the topic.

  1. Know the type of reading you want and do your research.

There are different types of readings which will give you different results. A spiritual medium will link with the spirit world to bring through spirit (and other energy like Angels, Ascended beings). The main purpose of a Spiritual Medium (sometimes called a clairvoyant medium) is to provide proof of the continual existence of the human soul, that our energy, thoughts and experiences live on after we pass or die. A psychic reads your energy, reading your aura and emotional energy, this will show circumstances and people around you. Most spirit mediums will be psychics as well so will also be able to read your energy, not all choose to however. Not all psychics will be spiritual mediums.

If you want to connect with a loved one, a spiritual medium is what you are looking for. If you want to know something about your pathway, and want a card reading, look for that. If you want to know about past lives, look for someone who does this.  Astrologers, numerologists and palmists are also a great way to have a reading to gain insight on your pathway.

Ask the reader you are considering using what they offer and how they work. Bear in mind that the term Clairvoyant is a term which can be used to describe either a Psychic or a Medium. Clairvoyance means clear seeing so describes one of the many ways that a psychic or medium receives their information.

Psychics and energetic channels may work with a variety of tools. For example, I occasionally use Shamanic medicine animal cards and will work with the Lakota Medicine wheel, Angel cards or others. I don’t use Tarot, having said that, I have a basic understanding of the Tarot so occasionally my guides will reference an energy using these. These are a valuable tool to connect.

I am a Clairvoyant Medium, and Psychic. I work with the spiritual, Angelic realms and will also connect with past, present and future vibrations so will see information that has gone before (spirit providing proof of their relationship to you) and will get an over view of your situation now and future aspects as well.

When I work, the information will come through at the level that the sitter (the person receiving the reading) is open to receive it. This might include healing, teaching from your spirit guides & Angels, direct channeled or trance information, normally on a teaching vibration for the sitter.

2. Bring an open mind and relax.

Having said the above about knowing the type of reading that you are hoping to receive, its helpful to be open to the information that comes through. Very often I experience people wanting a particular piece of information or a particular person to come through.  An experienced Psychic or Medium will pick up on this and hopefully bring through the information. However, if you are dead set (excuse the pun!) on particular information or person, it can close your mind to other information or people coming through. I always liken it to standing next to a closed door knocking on it, spirit is trying to open it but you are standing so close to it, they can’t open the door. Readings are a bit like this. The person that is coming through might be the conduit or helper for the person you really want to come through, especially if they haven’t been through before. The information being given might be for your highest good and what is needed for your healing at this time. I always say a small prayer before any spiritual work and this includes setting the intention for highest good. This means that you might need to know a particular piece of information to help you achieve your heart’s desire or grow in your life.  Readings are primarily about healing and our souls growth.

It is good to invite spirit to join you, set intentions and let go.   If you are having a mediumship reading, it is good to invite spirit to join us. They will of course know that we are going for a psychic mediumship reading (it might be them that planted the thought in your mind to begin with!). They like to be invited and we can send out a thought to them. Some people take a photo of their loved one or a keepsake with them, to strengthen a link so to speak with a particular spirit person. This is called psychometry. Any photos should be in a sealed envelope, so as not to lead the reader.  Likewise, we can set an intention with the universe, God, Divine energy, that we would like to know certain things. However, once we have asked spirit for certain information, we then need to let go. As with Cosmic ordering, Law of Attraction, the wanting brings its own block. So, invite and set the intention but remain open to possibilities.  Neither the medium or the sitter here on earth, can control who or what comes through. Spirit and the Divine energy knows what we need for our highest good.

3. Don’t give too much away.

You will be amazed at how easy it is to give too much information away in simple telephone call or discussion. I regularly stop people in their tracks, asking them, don’t tell me, let me tell you. A good medium or psychic will give you the information, not the other way around. Be aware of them asking you questions. The trick is to remain open and relaxed. I have a saying, don’t feed the medium, unless its nice food of course! I ask people at the start of a reading just to give me verbal yes’s or nos.

4. How often you need a reading? Do you need a reading or perhaps some healing, help or to consider changing things?

Early in my time as a working medium, I did some work online for a TV channel for a short time. It was psychic phone readings, trying to give insight to help people on their pathway. I quickly began to notice that the same people came back week after week, asking the same questions.  One of the big parts of my journey has been learning, growth and personal responsibility. I firmly believe we are here in this lifetime to learn. Spirit, psychics, healers, other people can help guide us but it is us who must walk our pathway and make decisions, no one, not even God can do it all for us. We need to step forward and put action in, take responsibility for our choices. It’s how we learn. I’ve a strong understanding personally of the dynamics of addiction and I’ve seen (and know of friends) who have paid a lot of money on psychics (in whatever form) and can become dependent on this. As a medium and psychic, I keep an eye on timescales for returning clients. Sometimes having a chat with them about whether they need a reading or perhaps healing or to address something.  I have refused sitters. As I type, spirit are also reminding me to say that during a reading, suggested actions, sometimes healing, things we need to do, will be suggested. We need to take note of this and take action. Nothing changes if our actions don’t change. If you are having repeated readings and the same things come up, it might be because you need to take note and make some changes in your life.  Its also worth considering our mental and emotional health. If I feel a sitter isn’t in the right place for a reading emotionally, I will gently suggest that they seek support with mental health.

5. How soon after someone passes can we expect contact?

Broadly speaking, there are no hard or fast rules. It depends on many factors. It will depend on the emotional state of the person who has passed and also the sitter, yourself, coming for the reading. There are a lot of myths about people who pass suddenly, traumatically or sadly take their own life. My own understanding is that when we pass, there is a period of adjustment into the spirit world. Imagine having a body and being impacted by gravity and the energy on earth. Then suddenly, you are light, pure consciousness, retaining your memory and personality within your soul and spirit. To someone who is a little open minded to the possibility of life after death, the transition could be smoother than some who was very low emotionally perhaps. I know that there are places in the spirit world (I have been there in meditation with my spiritual guides) where people receive healing, helping them to adjust to the fact that they have passed. There is a separate blog on my website regarding this experience (Visiting the halls of Healing) .  I am very open and respectful of people’s religious beliefs but I don’t believe in the period of judgement when we pass. I’ve heard channeled information from spirit that tells me that the adjustment I describe above is without guilt or shame. It’s all about what we learnt. We all receive help and healing. No soul is lost, every soul that passes has the opportunity to grow and learn both in the spiritual spheres and in other incarnations.

I mentioned emotional states. The emotional state of the sitter (the person having the reading) is also key. I really wanted my Dad to come through when he passed, but I was still grieving. My Dad waited until I had healed a little to come through. He knew that if he came through, he would upset me as I hadn’t gone through the grieving process.

So again, keep an open mind and heart. I’ve had people come through in readings that aren’t even buried yet but also some that come through for the first-time 10 years later.

6. Bad news.

Speaking to people about what I do, I sometimes get people say that they are interested and would like to have a reading but are scared in case bad news or information comes through. There are a few reasons for this. Firstly, as a medium, we are talking about death. The purpose of mediumship is to provide proof that when we pass, part of us lives on. It can be emotional as we are dealing with grief and loss. I very often get people cry in a reading. This is very healthy because it helps us grieve, let go of energy. Sometimes it’s not about someone passing, it can be that we need healing in a particular area of our lives. Its very healthy to feel and express our emotions. Not everyone experiences this but I think this is one of the reasons people hesitate because as a psychic, Im going to be able to see and feel what is going on emotionally in your energy.

With regards to bad news, this is all about your fears. As a society and a race, we sometimes hide from the truth, especially within ourselves.  Facing reality is sometimes difficult. I’ve been doing this 20 years now so Im very aware that sometimes challenging things need to be said. I always set the intention at the beginning of any reading that its for highest good in love and light. So I’m working with the truth but in a loving way. I have given challenging information but delicately. Sometimes we need to be told difficult things and it will prepare us. Sometimes the truth sets us free.  Its very common that I will also get feelings or guidance around a situation but have no idea what Im really talking about!  The actual events are not given to me, the emotions or guidance will be given.  I don’t need know the personal details. Of course, I’m bound by data protection and take my client confidentiality very seriously but sometimes I don’t have all the details, only enough to help you understand. I also seldom remember what I say in readings as the information is not mine, I am only channeling it.

7. Energy matches.

Spirit communication and psychic readings are a very personal thing. You need to trust who you are drawn to for your reading. Likewise, your spirit communicators might have a preference. Its also about the medium or psychics experience. I am always brought people who I can help with my own experiences. These experiences, my emotional make up, my vocabulary are the database, the raw materials that help spirit to use my thoughts and mind (it’s called mental mediumship for this reason) to be the bridge, the translator in your reading. Again, I know my own spirit family wouldn’t communicate with some mediums. Spirit will choose the communicator as well.

8. Nope, don’t understand that information.

As a medium and clairvoyant, I work diligently to ensure that my sitters get the information that they both understand and need. Though on occasion there will be no’s to the information. This happens for a number of reasons. Let me tell you about the first time I personally went for a reading. I was 17. I had no idea I was even having a reading. A friend had booked it and said she didn’t want it; I can see now she might have set me up! I sat in front of the medium and she started reading, giving me information. She spoke of my grandfather and gave me the name James which I said was incorrect. She was adamant. To the best of my knowledge both my grandads were George and Jack. After the reading, I went home and phoned my mum and asked her about James. She burst into tears. My grandfather, her father whom she was close to, was christened James George and went by the name George.  I’ve experienced this in readings many times, a sitter will say no then come back to me afterwards and say that they checked with family and everything was correct.  A good medium will get a piece of corroborating evidence. So, something else, a kind of, well if you can take that information, the other information I’ve been given is correct. Thankfully, I suggest people record their readings (thank God for smartphones eh!) so they can check the details. The medium should give you the information you can take as well as information to checkout.  The majority of any reading should be yes’s not nos. Some details to check are OK but not all. My rule of thumb is 15 minutes. If I’m 15 minutes into a reading and it’s not flowing and the sitter isn’t feeling it. I will ask them if they want me to continue. At this point there is no charge for the sitting if we stop.  Don’t feel obligated to stay but bear in mind that the medium or psychic is giving their time and energy as well. I have a booking fee to cover this eventuality which relates to hourly sessions. There can sometimes be crossed wires, every reading is an experiment.

9.  A reason for their visit.

It’s also possible that a family member will come through that you have never met. The example I gave above was my grandad who passed years before I was born, he came through because he needed to speak about my mum. The spirit world knows what’s going on. On occasion a spirit communicator will come through because they are bringing through a particular piece of information. They might have known you well or maybe have had an experience in their life, similar to what you are going through now and want to share that experience with you. As I described above, many times in sittings, spirit give me information that the sitter might need to go and ask about. This then gives further proof of that our spirit lives on. If the person receiving the reading needs to investigate, its stronger proof as there is no way the medium could have known. This also extends the love and messages to the family not attending, giving them a chance to share in the reading and the proof that their loved ones are safe and well in the spirit world.

10. Seeing the signs.

As well as going for a mediumship or psychic reading, there are a lot of other ways that spirit communicate with us; or we can receive signs from the universe, our higher self.  I firmly believe that everyone has the abilities that I share with my clients every day. We are all spirit here on earth, all with a soul and energetic system (chakras & aura). Sometimes the signs are right there in front of us. It’s very common that people get things happening around them, especially after people pass over. This is sometimes a time when those who have passed are trying to let loved ones know that they are OK and in the spirit world. Lights might flash, objects may move, you might notice a smell which you used to associate with them. That piece of music on the radio which reminds you of them. It’s also quite common to have a dream of your loved one. We are more relaxed when we are asleep and our brainwaves are in a different state which makes it easier for them to reach out. Take these things as signs that your loved one is OK. Of course, if electrical issues persist get it checked out by an electrician! My guides use this with me sometimes and the electricians were at a loss!  It’s good to acknowledge the sign, so say thank you to spirit and let them know that you have heard / felt them. The activity should stop then. If they persist or escalate to the point of being invasive, it might be worth considering contacting a medium and seeking advice.

The term psychic refers to the mind and is really about connecting with our own intuition, in tuition. Inner teaching. I always joke that if everyone learnt how to quiet their mind and listen to their intuition, Id be out of work! Seriously, the universe sends us lots of signs. Our dreams are a great way to understand what is going on. We can have different types of dreams. A powerful prophetic dream showed me the start of my spiritual pathway 20 years ago. As I mentioned before, loved ones might visit us. Keep a dream diary and write them down. The Angelic realms are also so very keen to help us and walk with us every day. They can’t intervene (unless we ask them for their help) but always leave signs for us to see in the form of white feathers and reoccurring angel number sequences. Look these up, they are a powerful way to receive insight as well.

I hope you enjoyed this article. It is my passion to share my gift with others and help you on your spiritual pathway. If you want more information on my work, be sure to check out the services I offer here on my website www.spiritual-butterfly.co.uk

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