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August 2014



Spiritual Butterfly

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Spiritual Butterfly

The Butterfly is making a big come back, watching the television over the weekend, they were part of the set and display. A friend commented to me that I must be happy that there are so many around at present. Agreeing, this got me thinking.

logoOf course, as the chosen name for my business suggests, I have an affinity with the Butterfly.  If we look at animal symbolism from indigenous cultures, the Butterfly is a symbol of change, of transformation. The Caterpillar has its function and is beautiful in its own way. It strikes me that the main activity of the Caterpillar is to eat, to consume, to fuel its changes. Along its journeys, a growing Caterpillar will shed its skin. Until it prepares for the final and most beautiful transformation.  Cocooning itself, the Caterpillar becomes a pupa, remaining still for around 1 or 2 weeks. Only when it has transformed and changed itself, does it display its new magnificence to the world and show its beautiful colours.

I greatly identify with this change myself. My whole life has been a process of growth and change, each of us must under go changes, after all the only thing which is constant is change (Budda). There have been times of shedding the skin where there has not been much of a visible change. In learning and absorbing lifes lessons, we consume what is needed for the next stage of our growth, whether spiritual, emotional or physical.

The symbolism of the beautiful Butterfly coming out and displaying its wonderful wings, is akin to our displaying our wisdom and growth to the world. Sharing our learning and new ideas with friends and family, shows us how far we have come in our personal journey.  So then, if Butterfly symbolises change, why are we seeing so much of this is our popular culture right now? Why is the Butterfly so prominent?
In my mind it is our need and yearning for global change. It has been said many times in spiritual circles that Human Kind cannot continue as we are. As I type this, there are many conflicts on our planet. Many cultures on our planet are logostruggling with alienation and poverty in many forms. It may seem to the observer, whether Human or other worldly that Humans have lost the plot.

But have we? Has mankind lost itself in a never ending spiral of self destruction or is there Hope?

There has been talk for many months and years now about our unrest with the government systems, the term spiritual revolution has been used. Observing the increase in spirituality over the last 20 or so years, we appear to be yearning for something and many are disillusioned with the external world, realising that there has to be more to life.

If the only constant is change, is resistance to change causing us pain and suffering?
Are we undergoing a profound transformation and simply needing to come out of our cocoon and celebrate our human magnificence?

Are you ready to transform?


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