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Shamanic Insight & Release

I now offer personal Shamanic sessions to help you understand and release energetic or emotional blocks which stop you progressing and experiencing more freedom and joy in your life.
Using a combination of Reiki Drumming, my Reiki mastery tools, direct communication (trance) with my spiritual team, I am able to help you with the following aspects of your souls development:

  • Hold the space for you to journey shamanically to receive insight, meet a spirit guide or animal spirits. These can all be powerful experiences to help you understand what is standing in your way and how you can learn and move forward. This uses the beat of the drum which affects your brainwaves to relax and take you into an altered state of being.
  • Clear blocks and emotional residue in your aura which may be affecting your physical body
    and emotional well-being.
  • Access your Akashic or past life records, establishing why you have brought this lesson
    with you, gain understanding and release blocks.
  • Invoke the law of Grace to release Karmic energy which your soul has already understood.
  • Receive direct communication and insight from my spiritual team regarding your pathway and
    lessons to be gained and how to do this. (Trance communication).
  • These sessions may also be used to detach spirit energy from your auric field.

Each session will be different and may include work with sacred herbs, Shamanic journeying
(simimlar to journeying meditations), drum sound healing, hands on and off Reiki, work with
Radionics, animal spirits and direct trance communication.

If available, I will try to hold the session in the lovely yurt at the clophill center.

Some aspects of our souls learning may require a period to understand and release. It is
possible that more than one session maybe required in some circumstances.

Some mental and emotional health conditions as well as physical health conditions may preclude the use of these sessions. Each session requires a health and well being survey.  If I have not worked with you previously (ie a spiritual reading, Reiki treatment or a workshop etc) please contact me prior to booking so I can ascertain (with my spiritual team) if this session is the correct one for you and can help you.
If a Shamanic session is not appropriate, you may wish to consider a spiritual reading or Reiki session.  I work in partnership with the medical profession and may require a signed doctors letter on some occasions.

The exchange for each hourly session is £50 please, a deposit of £10 is required for this service.
Please book now using the button below or contact me via email or call 07973 384406 with any questions or if we have not worked together before.