Reiki Healing Treatments

Spiritual Healing and Reiki Healing has very ancient roots and has been around for thousands of years in various forms.

Reiki (pronounced Ray-Kee) means universal energy.  It is this energy that I channel in order to increase a client’s well being on a number of levels.  Spiritual Reiki Healing is a holistic therapy which encompasses all faiths and belief systems.  In a healing session, this energy flows through myself and out to the client via my hands.

I am passionate about healing and the positive results I have experienced myself on many occasions by connecting with this loving, nurturing energy.   I am experienced in 2 disciplines of healing; as a fully qualified member of the Counties Association of Spiritual Healers, working as a spiritual healer for over 10 years.  I am a Usui Reiki Master Practitioner.  Working with the universal energies and my guides, I combine both of these to enhance the treatment I provide to you, the client.

The Power of Distance Reiki
Distance is no object. We are very aware that energy of all descriptions can travel over any distances, witnessed in modern communications systems, satellites beem signals to the earth, electricty travels thousands of miles via cables and conduits. Thought energy travels when you send a thought to a loved one. Prayer, used by our race over millions of years sends positive thought and intention. So it is with Reiki and other forms of healing energy. A Reiki master or those attuned to the appropriate level can use the symbols to transmit Reiki energy to you through any time and space. 

A photograph or other means may be used to create a connection, a video link or an address or birthday written down, any of these can create a link, the act of intention. This is the power of the light and of Reiki energy.
We invite you now to experience Reiki for yourself. To sit at home in your favorite armchair or to lay on your bed, calmly, gently being open to healing. This is all that is required. You need do no more. Allow the Reiki to wash over your mind body and spirit. The photo displayed below shows the many benefits of this simple, abundant energy. 

Perhaps you are experiencing anxiety, fear, sleeplessness. These are all very natural given what is happening today. Reiki can help. You can lay quietly and allow the energy to flow through the Reiki Chanel and be directed to you. It is very simple. Release from fear, worry, anxiety are all possible. A simple willingness to receive and try are all that is required.
Maybe you just need help to unwind and relax? A short taster treatment could help you. Our Reiki channel has been healing for many years in different forms and also works closely with the Angels and ourselves in the spiritual realm. Although there is no requirement for this, we do of course help and direct her, bringing our own knowledge and experience to help you where possible.

Healing Your Past.   As well as transmitting Reiki over any distance, time is also no object. Using the symbol, it is possible to transmit healing backwards or forward to any time. This can be used to help future events go smoothly and help you relax. for example exams, interviews and meetings. One of the main uses for this symbol lies in its ability to send healing back to an event in your past, be it this lifetime or another. By working with Reiki, it is possible to transmute energy around a past event in your life so that the occurrence no longer has the same emotional impact it once had. This is very helpful in the area of Trauma or accidents. It is not possible to change the situation but the energy can be shifted so that the emotional reaction can be changed meaning it no longer has the same impact or effect in your life today. These are more in depth requiring longer sessions and possibly more than one as there may be a discussion needed around the incident. This type of healing is best used in partnership with other forms of counselling or healing to help shift energy where an event has already been discussed and understood. For some scenarios work with a trained counsellor or similar may be required. Reiki may help shift the energy around trauma which has been discussed with a counselor or psychotherapist and there is still a reactionary trigger response.
This maybe helpful to those already on a healing journey who need additional help to transmute energy around a past emotional situation.

Many of our physical and emotional conditions are caused by the stresses and strains of our everyday life and our struggle to maintain balance in today’s pace of life.

Spiritual Reiki healing works on all levels and I treat each client with a holistic approach, as a complete and whole person.  The different parts of us are interconnected and affected by other parts.  Our minds can affect our bodies, for example when we get a nervous knot in our stomachs. When we are physically unwell, our mental emotional well being can be affected.

We also have another part to us, our spiritual body or aura and chakras.  When energy or emotion gets stuck, this can also affect our well being.  Activities such as Yoga, Tai Chi and Meditation can also nurture our spiritual body. During a healing session, I aim to bring balance and harmony to each client, helping energy to flow by working on the  energy body as well as the physical body in order to re-align and increase health.

Some people may notice an immediate change in their condition or well being, others may benefit from a course of treatment.

Spiritual Reiki Healing compliments mainstream medicine and I work in co-operation with the medical profession. Clients have reported pain reduction and long term benefits in their condition.

Reiki healing can promote a deep feeling of relaxation and aid sleep.

Reiki healing can help with a wide range of physical, emotional needs and stress related conditions

Each client will complete a health and well being survey which is reviewed on a regular basis. During the healing session, the patient will lay on the treatment couch and remain fully clothed.

I gently place my hands on the client, in a regular pattern but also depending on the healing required.  The treatments are non-invasive and are suitable for all ages. Children under 18 will require signed permission from a parent or guardian.  Clients have reported feeling a change in temperature in my hands.  For some parts of the session, I may work on the energy field and therefore not touch the physical body.

Each session will last 1 hour.  For the first session, please allow an additional 15 minutes to complete and discuss the health and well being survey.

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At times of Covid 19 lockdown restrictions, I continue to offer Distance Reiki via zoom, skype or similar. 

As soon as restrictions are lifted I will be offering in person sessions with PPE at the beautiful Courtyard Center in Biggleswade.  These are fully equipped and situated in a tranquil environment to enable to you to get the most from your treatment.

For energy clearance sessions, a longer appointment will be required please.  

Transformative trauma and energy release sessions will require a longer session. Please email me regarding these sessions. Thank you.

Please complete the electronic Health Questionnaire by clicking the button on the right when booking either a distance or face to face session. 



Distance Reiki Healing Treatments

£ 15 Distance Reiki Taster 20 minutes.
  • 40 minutes distance Reiki £30
  • 1 hour distance Reiki £40
  • 1 hour in person Reiki (Biggleswade) Reiki £45
  • Deposit is required on booking please


I accept payment by cash, card and paypal. I am able to accept payments over the phone or by paypal for deposits and advance payments. For distance readings, payment is required at the time of booking your slot.

Please note: if you are having a distance reading and wish to extend the time, the additional amount is payable immediatelythe reading finishes by card on the phone or skype. I will not extend the reading if you do not have a card with you or wish to pay later.

Booking & Cancellation Policy

Thank you for visiting my site. I am blessed to offer you my spiritual connection. These terms and conditions protect you the client and my work.  The spiritual connection I offer is my vocation and my sole income.  I need to have certain boundaries in order to protect you, our professional relationship and my livelihood.

A booking fee is payable on all face to face sessions to confirm your booking.  In the event of needing to change your appointment, a minimum of 24 hours notice is required please. This allows me to move the room booking with the venue. I may not be able to transfer your booking fee with less than the required notice period.

My bookings are now online, this allows me to schedule my diary and provide email and text appointment reminders free of charge. This also enables me to plan my diary and I work on first come first served basis. I am unable to hold space in my diary without a booking.  If you are not able to book online or use Paypal, please email me using the links at the top of the page or the contact form and I will be happy to assist you. Alternatively, please call me on 07973384406 and I will be happy to assist you. Booking fees are paid on the booking system at the time of booking by PayPal. If you do not have PayPal, I also accept card payment on the phone or will accept bank transfer. 

Please contact me on 07973 384 406 for details on bank transfer or to pay by card.

All distance readings, Reiki or tuition require full payment in advance please. I am happy to extend your distance session though the additional amount is payable by card at the time of the reading please.

Party bookings and home blessings require a deposit at the time of booking, on agreement of a date. No bookings will be held without a deposit.
For face to face sessions I accept cash, card or PayPal. Payment is required prior to or on completion of your session please.

Changes to Bookings & Cancellations

All appointments require a minimum of 24 hours notice of change or cancellation please. The full 24 hours notice allows me to reschedule your appointment and transfer your booking fee, in the case of face to face sessions.
In the event of less than 24 hours notice or no shows, for in person sessions, your booking fee is not transferable.  I pay in advance for the venue that I hire and they do not refund any costs allowing only for transfer to another day.  Should you need to make a change to your booking, please text me on 07973384406 or call and leave a voicemail or both as sometimes messages are delayed.
In the event of needing to cancel your booking myself, I will give you as much notice as possible. This will be a minimum of 24 hours notice and I will offer you alternative dates. In the event we are unable to re-book for any reason or cannot agree a suitable alternative date I will  refund your booking fee.

Distance sessions also require 24 hours notice to change of booking please. I will do my best to accommodate any changes. If we are unable to find a suitable alternative a full refund will of course be provided.

Please be aware that for all distance sessions, you will be required to have your camera ON, this is for safety and transparency. This is for one to one readings and group classes. 

Please be aware that I am unable to read for anyone under the influence of substances or alcohol. If you are experiencing challenging mental health conditions, it may not be correct for you to have a clairvoyant mediumship reading at this time. I am sorry that you are struggling though suggest perhaps that you seek medical assistance from your GP or similar professional.  This is for both yours and my own protection and well being.  If I am concerned about either of the above at any point before or during a session, the cancellation policy will apply. Depending on the location, I may need to retain booking fee or payment to cover costs.

Please be on time for all sessions whether in person or distance.  The time allowed for our session is precious and any late time will be deducted.

Workshops, Reiki Attunements and face to face classes.

Classes and workshops require a minimum of 72 hours notice if you are unable to attend please. This allows me to advertise your space. Classes also incur preparation costs, for example venue hire, printing costs for manuals, purchase of refreshments and other items. If I have already made preparations for the class or event you are attending, I may not be able to refund your deposit. In the event of last minute cancellations beyond your control, please let me know and I will endeavour to transfer your class booking to a future event or date where possible. If you are unable to attend for any reason, please do still let me know so that I am aware you are not coming. This allows the rest of the class to start on-time. Thank you.