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Reiki Drum Treatments

What is Reiki Drumming?

Reiki Drum Healing combines two very powerful energy healing practices.

Reiki is a very ancient method of healing in which the therapist channels Reiki or Universal Energy, it is said that this form of healing originates from Buddhism.   By opening to Reiki energy, the aim is to bring balance and harmony to the mind, body and spiritual body or Aura and Chakras. This is a very powerful healing method, practiced globally today, which has many benefits.  See my page on Reiki Healing for more on this powerful energy method.

Drumming has been used by many different cultures for hundreds of years, traditionally by Shamans or Medicine Men.  Sound is used to direct healing energy to aid the body, mind and spirit, and can help in entering altered states of awareness.  In the Reiki Drumming Healing method, the drum is used to enhance and direct the Reiki energies. Reiki Drumming originates from Michael Arthur Baird, a Reiki Master in Sedona, Arizona who realised in 1999; that by combining these two very powerful healing tools, health and well being is increased on many levels.

How Can it Benefit Me?

Practically speaking, there are many physical and mental conditions which are benefited by Reiki Drumming.
There have been modern day scientific studies which support what tribal peoples have known for many years, that drumming for healing can be very effective. Biofeedback research has indicated that drumming brings the brain waves into the alpha state (as with meditation) in a positive way, reducing stress. As we know, stress can impact our physical and emotional well being in many ways, triggering illness and creating tension.

Drumming has been shown to be linked to immunity levels. A study in Meadville, Pennsylvania showed that drumming increased the presence of cancer killing cells.  Created by our own bodies, these cells also help our bodies fight other viruses including AIDS.
Reiki Drumming can also benefit conditions where neurological damage has occurred as drumming has been shown as beneficial in promoting these connections in the brain, for example Parkinsons disease and stroke sufferers.
Research has also demonstrated that drumming can increase the bodies own painkillers, endogenous opiates, meaning that this is a natural form of pain relief. This works on even chronic pain conditions.  To date, drumming has been shown to benefit the following conditions; Cancer, Alzheimers, Dementia, Stress, Fatigue, Anxiety, Asthma, MS, Paralysis.
Emotional and mental health is also helped greatly by Reiki Drumming. Drumming influences our brainwaves in a positive manner by taking our brain waves into alpha state (the same as meditation, a state of relaxation or prior to sleep) and then into theta (a deeper trance state or during REM sleep).  The following conditions have all been shown to benefit from Reiki Drumming, ADD, recovery from emotional trauma, recovery from Alcoholism or drug addiction and other issues relating to self esteem, autism as well as helping troubled teenagers.

Naturally, I am bound by law to state that I do not claim to cure any of the conditions listed above and I work in partnership with the medical profession. I would repeat that there have been studies and trials worldwide which demonstrate the benefit of alternative therapies which include Reiki and Drumming.

If we think in terms of sound as an energy or vibration, drumming can affect the energy field around us in a positive way.  Think about how your favorite piece of music makes you feel. That demonstrates the idea of sound as a healing tool.

There are 3 main ways that Reiki Drumming can be used to help you achieve balance.  For each one of these, you will be laying comfortably on a treatment couch fully clothed.  Treatments are non invasive.

Reiki Drumming as Energy Healing

This is very similar to any other alternative healing method for example Reiki, Massage etc.  I start by using the Reiki drum to work on the energy around you or in your aura.  After drumming, I use a combination of hands on or off healing to continue the healing started by the drums energy. This is a very powerful healing tool and works well on many levels.
Many of our physical and emotional conditions are the result of unresolved past experiences, which can result in emotional energy becoming stuck. By using Reiki Drumming, we are able to deal with past traumas or move emotional energy which has resulted in physical conditions or our becoming stuck in cycles of repeating patterns of behavior.  Do you have a situation which you cannot seem to move forward from? Reiki Drumming is dynamic and can work on past and present situations.

Reiki Drum Journeying

For thousands of years, Medicine men or Shamans have journeyed into the other realms or spiritual planes of existence, to find answers to peoples challenges or guidance on how to move forward.  This is similar to a meditation and can be used to journey to find solutions or simply to go on a spiritual journey.  It can also be used to journey to find your power animal or meet a spirit guide. It can also be a powerful tool to identify what is stopping you progressing in a practical situation. For example, during my training, I traveled to a previous life and experienced a situation which greatly affected this life.  As Reiki is also incorporated in the journey, it is another very powerful healing tool.
It is important when considering a Reiki Drum journey, to think about what you would like experience or achieve. I can help discuss this during consultation before your journey.

Mental and Emotional Re-Programming

As discussed above, we are all products of our past experiences and these form our personalities and create our outlook on life in the present. Much of what we have learnt from life experiences are very positive. However many of us have patterns of behavior which we would like to change or move forward from. By using positive affirmations (similar to the work of Louise Hay) coupled with the change in brainwaves produced by the drumming and Reiki healing energy, we are able to work on changing these patterns and manifesting more joy, positivity and abundance in our lives.  During consultation, we will discuss what it is you wish to work on and decide on a positive affirmation for you.
I will start by using the drum to commence the treatment. There will also be use of hands on or off Reiki to increase the healing or energy work. During the treatment, you will repeat the affirmation. By using the change in brain waves, coupled with Reiki energy, this is a very powerful tool to change patterns and situations for the better.  This requires active participation by yourself, the client, as you will take the written affirmation home and continue the work after the session.  It is anticipated that a course of treatment maybe required to achieve the best results for this type of work.

Cost and Further Information

Each session is £45, I am able to offer discounts for block booking of multiple sessions.

I am now hiring treatment rooms close to Shefford on the A507. These are fully equipped and situated in a tranquil environment to enable to you to get the most from your treatment.

If you have any questions about Reiki Drumming and the treatments offered, please contact me using the contact form, email or telephone.

Every treatment is subject to a health and well being survey. Some conditions are helped by single treatments, others may require more than one session. Please allow an hour for each session.