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July 2013



Reiki Drum Healing and Journeying

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Reiki Drum Healing Practitioner (Including Mental and Emotional Reprogramming and Drum Journeying)

I am passionate about healing methods and have recently become very interested in the use of sound as a technique to aid physical, mental and emotional healing in myself and clients.

This drum is great!I have always loved the beat of a drum whether in music or at a tribal and shamanic level.  So when I came across a course combining Reiki Healing and Drumming, I was immediately interested.

Reiki and Spiritual healing have been a part of my work for many years now and I have used these techniques in some powerful energy healing work.  As I said, I have become very interested in the vibrational energy qualities of sound and its effect on our energy field or aura.

Again, I love Reiki Drumming!

There is something very tribal and ancient about drums and sound.  Shamans in many cultures world wide (Native American, Mongolian, Mayan, Inca, African; you get the idea) have been using sound for  thousands of years in sacred occasions, to achieve altered states of awareness in order to heal and journey  within to seek answers.

Research shows that drumming can alter brain wave activity in a positive way, allowing healing to take place on many levels. By combining Reiki Healing and Drumming, very powerful results may be seen.

We have all experienced how a different piece of music can affect our mood in any given moment and can trigger memories within us.

Over 2 weekends, I learned three very powerful techniques incorporating Reiki Healing and the Drum energy.  It was a great course and we used these methods as a healing tool, laying on a Reiki Healing Couch using the drum to both direct energy and also to remove energy. Reiki healing is combined in this treatment after the drum has done its work.


This way of using the universal energy can also be used to help clients Journey to find answers spiritually and also in Mental and Emotional Reprogramming. I will talk more about these methods on the treatment page and expand on how their practical application can help you.

In the meantime, if you would like more information on this new therapy that I am now offering, please see the contact page or use the email link for any questions you have. At present these treatments will be offered at the same rate as Reiki Healing.

With love, light and blessings

Dawn xx


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