Spiritual Butterfly

Psychic Business Services

Intuitive Consultancy bringing insight to your business or working life.

Are you a business owner needing insight?

Do you question your job or career in line with your souls purpose?

Would you benefit from additional insight on projects or staffing?

Is uncertainty clouding your judgement?

A common thread in many readings is often our working or business life. Using my psychic clairvoyant abilities, I am able to connect with all manner of businesses and employment situations over any distance including internationally.

My spiritual connection can be exceedingly insightful in a number of ways and I offer distance readings tailored specifically to your working and business life. These are offered by Zoom, Skype, phone or email in English. 
Using my clairvoyance, I am able to see / feel the dynamics in your business or working life and can help shine a light on your professional pathway using my strong intuitive ability. I may use Angel or Shamanic Animal cards to bring further clarity if needed.

I will see a current situation, giving you confirmation of my connection and then move forward to make possible suggestions regarding the pathway in front of you.

Psychic Business Services

Perhaps you are wanting to change career or jobs or want help with a creative idea?
Or take these to the next level. I can channel suggestions from the Angels, spirit to help you.

What is the overall energy in your business or place of work. What are the influences or dynamics? I can identify energy blockages in moving forward and help make suggestions to resolve these.  
What are you manifesting in your life with your thoughts and beliefs?
I offer consultation any area or size of business, from creative projects, local authority, private business and everything in between.
Are you considering investment in a situation or working in partnership. Perhaps you are already in this situation and need insight and clarity.

Maybe you are a spiritual or holistic practitioner like me and need to connect with your guides, helpers and Angels to get their input on your business or taking the leap forward.
My intuitive consultation is also offered to larger business on specific projects or situations. Is a situation not flowing? Do you have energy within an office or building which needs cleansing.
I am able to link in with your soul, guardian angels and spirit to see what your life pathway is; or soul tasks in relation to where you are now. Are you living according to your souls choices made before you incarnated here this lifetime?
I have personally made the leap from full time employment to being self employed. I have worked in a number of areas and have a good understanding of different sectors of the employment and business world.

I am a divine channel of light and work for highest good. I will refuse to consult or read on anything which maybe deemed illegal or not ethical.

Psychic Business Services

  • 20 minutes - £25
  • 30 minutes - £35
  • 40 minutes - £40
  • 60 minutes - £50
  • These sessions are offered over distance via Zoom, phone or email.
Please note: I am unable to take legal responsibility for any decisions made following a reading, particularly with regards to legal or financial outcomes. The sitter or client retains all legal responsibility for any decisions taken following consultation. I am legally required to state that my services are for entertainment purposes.