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Privacy Policy

Spiritual Butterfly Privacy Policy

The following document details how Spiritual Butterfly collects, uses and stores your information. Spiritual Butterfly is the trading name for Dawn Russell, providing spiritual and holistic services.

What information does Spiritual Butterfly collect?
Spiritual Butterfly uses personal contact information (name, email, phone numbers, home address, skype id, other social media contact information) to book your appointments.
If you have a Reiki treatment, massage, drum healing session or attend one of my workshops, I am  required according to my insurance ask you to complete a health and well being survey. This helps me to ascertain if a certain treatment is suitable for you. Notes are made (on the form) by myself during or following a client session to enable me to monitor the effect or progress of treatments or to record your comments.
In the event of a child or young person under 18 requiring a treatment, a parental or legal guardian consent form are required. Both of these forms are normally completed on paper. On occasion they maybe emailed back to myself and printed.
I also use payment information such as credit or debit card details when you book or pay for services. These are never retained by Spiritual Butterfly in any way.

How do I collect your information?
When you book an appointment with me, either online via my website or Timely booking system, or email or phone, I will retain your contact details in order to ensure effective communication regarding your appointment.
It is necessary for me to collect medical, health and well being information in relevant to a treatment or
I also collect email address and other contact information at Mind Body and Spirit events to add to my mailing list if you express an interest in my work and give your consent to being contacted.

How Do I use this information?
Personal contact data is retained and used sometimes to keep you informed about events, workshops or special offers that maybe of interest to you. By asking for my services or inquiring electronically, you are expressing an interest in the services I offer and giving consent for me to contact you. Email data is collated and transferred to Mail chimp.  This was previously stored on Google.
Medical and well being data is used to ensure you receive an effective and safe treatment.

How do I store and protect this information?
Electronic contact data is currently stored via the Timely booking system. Even if you do not book via timely, (for example on the phone or email), I will add your details to booking system to allow me to manage your booking and my time effectively.
Other electronic data is stored on my pc or backed up on an external hard drive, password protected where necessary.
Mailing lists (email) are stored on Timely, Mailchimp and previously Google. There maybe contact information from yourself stored in my google emails. These are all password protected.
If we communicate via Facebook Messenger, wattsapp and you provide contact details, the information will be stored in the conversation on the relevant device.
Paper documents (health surveys and consent forms) are stored in a locked cabinet in my home.
Other forms with contact information such as telephone number / email address are saved electronically on the external hard drive. These include workshop and events bookings. This is locked in the drawer.

Do I share your information?
The only occasions when I may need to share information would be in the case of an insurance claim or the event of needing to comply with the law (child protection for example).
I never sell or share your information unless required by law to do so.

How can you opt out, change or review the information I hold about you?
On each email you receive via mail chimp, there is an unsubscribe button at the bottom of the email. Please unsubscribe if you no longer wish to receive these emails.
It is necessary for me to retain health and well being surveys and consent forms for up to 7 years according to current data protection law, following consultation with my insurers.
If you would like to know or review the information I hold about you, please contact me via email at
dawn@spiritual-butterfly.co.uk   I will require this in writing with proof of ID. Please use this email address to update me with new contact details in the event of this changing.

External Organisations and Cookies
I use external organisations to enable me to run my business effectively. These organisations all use cookies on your pc, laptop, tablet or phone to gather browsing data about you. These preferences can be set individually by yourself. I do not use or retain any data in when you visit my website. Each of these organisations has their own data protection and privacy policy which I have read though. I have included the links below for you to read if you wish.

Mail Chimp

Some of these organisations may transfer your data outside of the EU, for example Australia, in the course of their business. For more information, please visit their sites.
Facebook, Google and other social media policy is available in your own settings and you are responsible for setting your browsing preferences with these. Spiritual Butterfly may use analytics data such as Google Analytics. These show stats based on traffic rather than specific personal data. These site may of course use cookies and other data such as IP address. Spiritual Butterfly has no access to these and does not use this data.