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Meditation for Well-being

Meditation has been shown to improve our mental, emotional and physical well being.  By meditating regularly, calming our mind and coming into the present moment, we become aware of our body and thoughts.  This can be called mindfulness. Meditation

In being mindful we are present in the now, in this moment.  Often we are pulled into the future or the past.   If out of balance, and not present, it is difficult to be responsible for our our own needs and self care. We can worry or obsess about the past, how could we have changed it? While it is healthy to learn from our past mistakes, we must process, learn, accept and move forward.  Often our thoughts take us into the future, what will happen then? I will be happy if this happens.  Again, we can plan but constantly living in the future, we are not present in today, in now.

The future is a mystery, the past is history, now is a gift, that’s why its called the present!”

The pace of life in our society and external stimulation is extreme. Constantly striving and doing. This can lead to constant thinking, the never ending cycle of thoughts, we never stop.

“We are human beings, not humans doings.”

When we are present, we are more emotionally available to ourselves and others.  We have more acceptance and worry less.  This in turn helps sleep, anxiety and other stress related conditions, which can affect our emotional and physical health.  This can help us feel more empowered and in control of our lives.

There are various ways to meditate or become mindful.  Some of them seated or laying down.  Other people choose to become present in this moment by walking or enjoying yoga.  Stillness whether seated or laying is also good as it allows us to be fully present and relaxed.  In being present in our body, we can focus on our breathe, our physical body and become aware of letting go of tension.

In learning to meditate, we can also connect with our own truth, intuition or inner light. This connects us with our own spiritual energy and also helps to balance our physical, mental self and enhances peace of mind.

If you feel out of control and troubled by constant thought patterns disrupting your sleep and well being; or have questions about how meditation can help you, please contact me.  I run regular retreat days and groups to give you some simple tools to help you learn how to meditate or become more mindful.  I am also available for one to one personal tuition.

I am also available to visit your place of work, event or group and am able to teach you some very easy to follow techniques, which when used regularly, can make a real difference to your balance and well being.

Please contact me on 07973384406 or email me for more information or to discuss how meditation and mindfulness can help you improve your life today.