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September 2015



Journey to Other Worlds.

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I would like to share with you a recent meditation in which I was shown the effect that our behavior, our thoughts and actions are having on other frequencies, dimensions and life forms on other vibrations, planets and planes of existence.
I was placed in Metatrons cube at first for my own healing and shift in my light body. I had the sensation of my consciousness and life force leaving my body in a peaceful manner.   My conscious mind was reassured and told that I was being taken to Sirius in another time and frequency.

This was a beautiful and magnificent place. In a physical sense, I was shown the lifeforms there to be similar to earth though I suspect that this was a representation shown to me for my mind to comprehend what I was about to be shown. This place was a place of pure love, of absolute compassion. The energy center of my heart was wide open and I was aware on one level of tears streaming down my face with pure unconditional love. The beings on this planet were all holding hands, families, friends everyone holding hands in absolute love. Couples (no marriage is required as there is absolute trust) allowing their partners to speak to others and be openly emotional with others. It was truly beautiful and I could really feel the difference in the lightness of energy.

Then I was shown a large dark energy wave, the beings were cowering away from it, as we would a fire or danger. This is the energy from our planet, earth. This energy is the result of our fear, hate, jealously and all forms of fear, mistrust, greed and control all have not only to ourselves but also to other lifeforms, other dimensions.

I was then brought back to earth only it didn’t appear in the same energy or physical appearance i.e. our blue planet. It was very dark and heavy. The darkness that we all generate with our fear, anger, greed etc was clouding the earth. The large towns and cities were all grey.
I was then shown all the lights. These are the lights of those of us who are awake, conscious and sit in meditation in the light, not necessarily for any other purpose than to raise our energy vibration and find peace of mind. Where 2 or more are gathered together in the name of the light and love. The light of love, unconditional love.

Our power to change to world lies with our power to change our own thoughts, actions. Love yourself and those around you, even those that challenge you.

On my return to my body, I was given the following piece of channeled writing. I believe that the energy wave refers to the end of September 2015.

A great wave is coming to your planet dear ones, an opportunity to let go of your fears and physical attachments. We speak to those of you who are aware of the light but not connected in regular meditation. You will find that your actions and Karma are quicker now, the effects of your actions will happen immediately. The darkness of behaviors like jealousy, greed, fear will make your energy heavier.

The solution to this is to engage in spiritual activity to gain peace of mind such as meditation, chi gong, yoga, tai chi, Reiki. Anything which is loving, nurturing and calms the mind. Connect with like minded and hearted people, let go of old worn out behaviors and beliefs.
For the light-workers, your role is now more important than ever, do not allow the fear of the mind to take control. As your vibration raises, stay present, stay light, stay connected, do not allow the mind to tell you that you are not contributing for when you are connecting with others in the light then you are part of the solution. Onwards and upwards, keep focused on the light dear ones, always raise your intentions to the highest point. Do not be afraid to challenge those who are not in the light.

With love and compassion.
Your inter dimensional friends.

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