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October 2014



Holiday Blessings

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It is always a compliment to be asked back by a client for a second visit to their home and I was fortunate to be contacted this week to go and do a Reiki Healing session and spiritual reading with a previous client.
After a lovely Reiki Healing session, we had a chat and after the session had completed, she told me what had happened since our meeting last year.
I never remember what I tell people when the energy works through me, I am just the conduit. The lady said that we had talked about her going on holiday with a friend, which at the time she was not aware of and had dismissed.
Some months later, a holiday with a family member didn’t work out and she ended up going with a friend. While on their holiday, it was the friends birthday and she asked the maid who was cleaning their room, if she would be able to help plan a surprise for her friends birthday.
The maid was only too willing to help and made a real effort including balloons among other things. She also wrote a very lovely spiritual poem and left in their room, which was a lovely gesture which really touched the 2 friends.
The following day, while laying on the sunbed, my client suddenly realised the significance of the first paragraph of the poem, which contained the words spiritual and butterfly. My business name is Spiritual Butterfly and she then remembered our discussion about a holiday with a friend, realising that it was Spiritual Butterfly that had told her this.
Shared with kind permission.
With Blessings
Dawn Russell
Spiritual Butterfly

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