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October 2015



Going purple for Spirit Day

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Going purple for #spirit dayAre you going purple for Spirit Day?

I have been through many transitions in my life and this is the reason I have adopted the butterfly as my logo.   An important part of my journey is learning to be true to myself, speak up for and care for myself. Some people however aren’t that fortunate.  I am passionate about empowering others through my spiritual, holistic and teaching work and believe that we can all learn to connect with our inner voice and truth.  Part of this is self esteem and acknowledging that each of us is worthy of being heard and loved.  If we weren’t taught this or be fortunate to learn this, its never too late to turn a corner and begin today to have love and compassion for ourselves. To acknowledge our individual gifts and strengths.

Of course, we may also choose to speak out against bullying or discrimination and champion those who are less fortunate or able to speak out for ourselves.  This takes courage and strength. Strength can sometimes be a very quiet strength of fortitude and does not have to be brute force.  This is the domination or control of the ego.  This is the energy that comes from fear itself and is the opposite of self esteem, respect and love.

So which will you choose today and everyday?

Abundant love and joy to you.

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