Connecting with the Angels & Ascended Beings 14.5.2022

The Angels and Ascended masters invite you to join them on Saturday 14th May at Kelshall nr Royston for a day of Angelic insight and connection.

This blissful retreat day will be channeled through myself to bring what is most needed to those present on the day. The Archangels are aware of our struggles at the moment and want to ease our pain, bring us insight and healing.

You will enjoy and benefit from channeled meditations directly from the angelic and ascended realms, learn energy management techniques to use at home and receive channeled downloads, codes and wisdom in this sacred and special space. The Angels will be bringing what is needed on the day for your souls growth and there will be a great deal of wisdom directly channeled.

Your souls purpose is to love dear ones, not to fear and struggle. We will be guiding you through how to let go of those fears and anxieties. You will receive clarity on your pathway as well as having an opportunity to ask questions directly to the Archangels and Ascended beings of light.

Not to be missed, spaces are £48 a person please, bookings and payment required in advance please. Suitable for all levels of understanding. Those age 14+ welcome when accompanied by a parent or guardian.

Book using the blue button above or call Dawn on 07973384406 with any questions or for card payments. Bank transfer also accepted.