Connecting with the Angels 29th October 2022 SG8 9SE

The Angels and Ascended Masters invite you to a day of retreat and healing at Kelshall Village hall Saturday 29th October from 10am. Connecting with the Angels, you will meditate and receive insight and wisdom directly as they channel their loving energies through me. The messages and guidance will be tailored to those present on the day. This session will work to raise your vibration and help with clarity for your pathway. Life’s purpose, karma.

Their loving energies are open to all levels of experience and understanding. They will be guiding you through meditations to clear away doubt and fears, meditation tools which you can use at home later on.

The location is also very special, sitting close the Michael ley line running from Royston through to Glastonbury. Nestled in the countryside off the A507 between Baldock and Royston, it is a peaceful and quiet location for you to enjoy a day of restorative balance and harmony.

The energy which will be channeled comes directly from the Ascended and Angelic realms, channeled via the use of Trance or direct communication through Dawn. We are waiting in the wings to help humankind, to help you walk your pathway here on earth. You need not worry dearest ones, this loving message comes directly from us and the loving harmony of the divine realms. Prepare to leave your fears, worries and anxieties as we welcome you to loving healing. A simple willingness to receive is all that is required.

Spaces are £48 a person please, booking and full payment required to hold a space please. Book online using the book button on this page, choose Kelshall and classes. Alternatively, call me on 07973384406 with any questions or for card payments. Bank transfer is accepted. Payment in 2 parts is welcomed, remainder due before the day of the class please. Thank you.

Loving, healing meditations, insight and guidance directly from the Angelic and Ascended realms.
Connect with the Angels Saturday 29th October at Kelshall nr Baldock.