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July 2017



Energy, Spirit and Our Homes.

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I have had many experiences myself in my 16+ years of connecting with spirit. Thankfully a lot of the negative spirit activity is rare and its important that we trust in and focus on the light. Its more common that people are needing to clear their own space and deal with their lifestyles. Please take the time to read the article below on how you can live more peacefully in your own home.
I am able to offer both energy clearance and spiritual surveys as a service both in peoples homes and in business locations. I use a combination of tools including those discussed below, my Reiki Mastery and my very strong spiritual team of helpers in the light.

An energy clearing may also help if you are trying to sell a property or move on in your life.  Estate agents – do you have any hard to let properties or land you would like help with? A simple survey may help shed some light on things.

Our homes are our castles, our personal space where we experience all that life offers us and feel the resulting emotions.  Some of us have experienced walking into a room after an argument has taken place. We can feel the energy in the room. Sayings like “love is in the air” or “could cut the air with a knife” relate to emotional energy remaining present in a room.
It is possible that spirit might be present in a property.  Spirit family sometimes try to get our attention There maybe spirit resident or in visitation. This might be due to them being confused or simply having fond memories there. There are many theories regarding this and many reasons why things happen. Some schools of thought say ghosts are recordings or residual energy of an event. I believe that there are many possibilities; of residual energy or a resident or visiting spirit or entity.  Malevolent spirit visitations in a home are quite rare.

You can clear emotional energy yourself, some of the simple ways to do this include:

  • Giving your home a thorough declutter and tidy up followed by a good spring clean. Energy needs to move or flow. (Energy can get built up or stuck in corners) So get cleaning! If you open your windows while you are doing this, a good breeze can blow through shifting the energy. If you believe in Angels, ask and invite them into your home in love and light and ask them to help you clear the energy.  They love to help!
  • Use of sound. Clapping your hands to shift or break up energy. Tingsha – tibetan bells / tibetan bowls can be useful. Positive uplifting music is also good. I dont find heavy metal, angry or melancholy music uplifting.
  • Burning white sage or good quality incense can also raise the vibration of a room and clear energy.
  • Prayer, meditation in a space will raise the vibration as will positive intent

A positive mind set is important. Granted we aren’t going to be skipping through the daisies every day, but maintaining our emotional and physical health is part of self care and good for keeping our energy positive. We use the expression “feeling in high spirits!”
Untreated mental health conditions such as depression, bi polar etc can have an affect on our energy personally and where we live.  Excessive use of substances (both legal and illegal) can lower our energy vibration, result in weakness in our auric field. Its important to process our emotions, to let them out and heal. Like attracts like. Living in unhealthy or abusive relationships will also have an affect.
The energy resulting from the above can be a beacon to spiritual beings or entities. Doing the above will clear residual emotional energy.

If there is spiritual activity present which you are uncomfortable with, try being strong with it yourself and ask it to leave in a firm tone. Trust your own feelings.  Use spiritual boundaries, for example visualise white, gold or silver bands around you home. Have boundaries with the earthly energy (friends and relatives) and spiritual energy you allow in your home. If you still feel uneasy and the above does not work, you may need a spiritual medium to visit the property.

People also experiment with things they dont understand or have the skills to deal with, for example Ouija boards. These are tools which can open a doorway to the spirit world.  These sorts of things must be respected, its all about intention. Stay away if you dont know what you are doing, they are not toys. A doorway can be opened and there are opportunist spirits or entities on the other side, in the same way there are on this side of life.

If you want more information about this aspect of my work, please contact me via email or call me on 07973384406.  I am happy to have an initial 5 minute conversation on the phone free of charge. I do support myself with this work so I ask for donations in exchange.  These are dependent on your situation, location and the type of energy that we will be dealing with and how long it will take. On occasions I may need to bring other Mediums or energy professionals with me. Please note that there are no guarantees with any form of spiritual work.
With love, light and blessing for your day.
Dawn Russell

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